Media Reflection

Throughout my semester in Media I think my eyes were opened to the many ways in which my daily life is influenced by media. I had always blindly scrolled through my social media feed and watched the television not putting much thought into the things I was taking in. With this in mind I believe the material we learned in the demographic unit and the news and info unit stood out to me the most. In the demographics unit I was able to realize just how much of a role the television plays in determining how I view other genders and races. The in class viewings allowed me to zone in on the patterns that were depicted by certain characters. The essay we wrote then allowed me to see just how reoccurring these patterns were. Since the demographic unit I have noticed that I’m much more aware of the way tv shows depict certain genders/races. With this awareness I feel as if I’m less prone to being okay with these poor depictions of different groups. Along with the demographic unit the news and info unit also stood out to me. By going through different news outlets and scrolling through different social media sites I realized how much control the news companies have. It also opened my eyes to the trap that is fake news and how the majority of the public fails to recognize such traps.

Before entering media I had only really heard little about what the class was going to be like. I heard that we watched a lot of tv and news and that was it. So naturally, being a soon to be senior, I thought it would be an easy and laid back class. While tv and news were part of the class I learned that I was going to have to put time and work into the class. The blogs and essay were more than I expected but they weren’t bad. I enjoyed typing the blogs because I feel like it introduced a new style of writing that I had never done before. I enjoyed being able to pick our own show and focus and which ever demographic we wanted. I think media improved my ability to analyze text and videos more than any other class.

Overall, I really enjoyed taking media and would recommend it to both juniors and seniors. The work load was manageable for both grade levels and I think the curriculum could also apply to both grade levels. My advice would be not to fall into the pattern of waiting till the last minute to complete the blogs and essay! I think they should also take advantage of the Cornell notes because I thought those were super helpful.

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