Alfredo Octavio

On Watch and Nerds.

In which I review my month of using the Apple Watch amidst a culture war on Nerds and Geeks.

Assimilation of nerd culture and…

Colabora con la representación Venezolana a la Olimpiada Internacional de Matemáticas.

En vista de la grave situación económica que se vive en nuestro país y a la falta de apoyo de parte del estado a las olimpiadas matemáticas, hace un par de semanas comenzamos una campaña internacional, dirigida principalmente a jóvenes venezolanos en el extranjero que alguna vez compitieron…

Tesla cars will last longer. New batteries could make the car last as long as a new car, since electric motors have few moving parts (and even those could be repaired/replaced). Maybe it is part of Tesla plans to make them cars last longer looking new and make the upgreadable.

Apple’s Force Touch Trackpad and Our Perception of Reality

“Everything is relative.”

Guesses about Apple Watch prices
38mm Silver Watch Sport Rubber (white, blue, green or pink only) band $349 42mm $379

38mm Black Watch Sport Rubber (black or black only, only way to get Sport with black band) $399 42mm $429

38mm Watch with black rubber band $599, 42mm $699

38mm Watch classic leather $649, 42mm $749

Nonsense! You already have hundreds of options to do that. Netflix and Amazon are the only options for those like me that do not care about the experience you describe. I no longer have to wait until a series is out to watch it how I want to. You can always schedule “House of Cards” at whatever rate you want with your willing friends. No need to force those of us who are not willing.

Is there an Echo in here?

A review of the Amazon Echo

Let’s start with the name: It’s terrible. Its only redeeming quality is that it’s short. An echo is something…

The Right to be an Asshole

Stand back! I’m going to use logic!

All discrimination comes in the form “You can’t do X, because you’re Y.” Mind you, that’s not to say that…

Learn from failure

So get out there and try again. Either you succeed or you learn a vital lesson. Win — Win.” Angel Chernoff

Hours before the release of the movie “The Interview” I decided to follow up on my brother’s idea of making a site to ask people to dare saying they saw the movie. I got the URL and in half an hour had setup…

In which I drive a drunk, sexy stranger to the airport

I hadn’t seen my friend Gregorio in over twenty years, but we have kept in touch. You know, an occasional email, message, or some…