Ugly Shoes

Ugly left shoe, ugly right,
Both my shoes are quite an ugly sight.

I do not like the colors, nor the size.
Every passerby, I feel their wandering eyes.
They’re like “damn those shoes are ugly”,
And I’m like “yeah I know”.

Ugly left, ugly right, ugly pair,
an ugly pair that makes them stare.
They think, “does this kid not care?”
“Man, those are ugly shoes for a kid to wear.”

And they’re right,
For they’re much too tight.
Too long on the left,
A little short on the right.
The laces too long,
The colors all wrong,
Left shoe’s worn and sloppy,
The right’s all torn and floppy.

“But why?” you question me,
“Get a new pair obviously.”
But my wallet is empty, I haven’t a bill.
So, every morning these shoes I fill.

But one day.

One day I’ll buy a new pair,
Then I’ll want people to stare.
I’ll feel exuberant, a slight thrill.
And they’ll think, “they’re even uglier still”.