I appreciate your perspective.
Liz Gumbinner

Hi Liz, thanks for sharing. I think you have a lot of great points, and no one’s denying that Hillary has worked very hard to accomplish a lot of really meaningful action over the course of her career. Believe me, my mom’s a big Hillary supporter. (:

What I mean when I say she can’t get people excited is that Democrats and Independents are furious about the corruption and ineffectiveness of our current system (both the government and the DNC).

And people see Clinton at the center of all that, because that’s where she has spent her time as a politician — as part of the establishment, or any other label you want to give it.

For that reason, I don’t think she has been able to convince people — younger voters especially — that she is the best candidate to actually take on these major flaws. And I don’t really see that changing, because it’s just a fundamental difference in Hillary’s political DNA vs Bernie Sanders.

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