While I agree everything you say in this essay is true, Emma, I think you’re cutting men way too…
Jack Preston King

You can call for men to take “stark, 100% responsibility” all you want, but the fact (and the point of this essay) remains that men who rape are doing it out a lack of understanding and awareness of emotional issues.

It’s like telling a blindfolded person to stop knocking over a lamp. The root problem is that they’re wearing a blindfold. Similarly, the solution to rape is to change early education and other societal influences, so they support men in developing emotional intelligence and coping skills, instead of teaching them to suppress their feelings.

The idea that you can simply tell someone to “get help” or kill themselves—and expect that to fix the problem—is childish logic. Men who rape are not monsters. They’re human beings, like anyone else, and this is not Saudi Arabia. We’re not going to use execution as the first line of defense, when we haven’t even given education and societal change a decent shot.

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