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The growing complexity of platforms and channels used today to reach consumers means the need to develop much more integrated ways than they are now. In these new models, teams inside agencies must play a far more active and strategic role in managing all the functions of the agency: back-office, middle-office, and customer-facing activities.

Agencies are urgently looking for partners and people capable of designing integrated, “end-to-end”, “omnichannel”, “integrated”, “data driven” experiences, through this set of ideas, there is an exploration of thoughts about the current business model and possible alternatives to improve the performance and activities in the industry.

After several years of cautious enthusiasm, the marketing and advertising technology sector is now embracing data in a big way. That’s the good news. The obstacle is that most companies and brands still lack the expertise necessary to analyze huge amounts of data and make it actionable, and the worst danger is that the buzzword is giving space, not surprisingly, to people and new companies that don’t have the capacity or knowledge, the result… bad decisions, wrong investments and lack of results.

Due to this situation, this text was made to address some problems and provide some ideas to consider…

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Rethinking the User

When thinking about technology and how we as micro spheres experience the world, the distinction between the way in which something is experienced and the way in which something is known cannot be maintained. Process and experience are implicated in one another. Because the interaction holds the concepts of understanding and experiencing, the knowledge gained from this interaction cannot be separated from the action that provided the condition for this knowledge to emerge.

For example in an online buying the way in which the task is performed cannot be…

Photo: Yiran Ding

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There is little doubt that brands and mainstream media have seen their audiences migrate in favor of newer alternatives, but the tools we use to track them tell us surprisingly little about audience interaction.

Today, when thinking about technology and how we as users experience the world, process and experience are implicated in one another and the digital craft continues to evolve. …

Qué significa el #Brexit para una startup mexicana. Hotstreet.

La sorpresa y desconcierto que viven las startups extranjeras en Reino Unido ante la salida de esta nación de la Unión Europea no es motivo empacar las cosas y mudarse, ya llegamos a Londres no es momento de rendirse. Tenemos compañías que construir, clientes que servir, sin importar la situación que se viva. No cambian las tendencias, todavía hay industrias que sigue mudándose online, continúa la demanda de soluciones y servicios digitales.

El 22 de Junio, un día antes de las votaciones, se celebró el 5º aniversario de Tech City UK, el programa inglés para crear el cluster de tecnología…

Caminando entre Techstars.

Primer TechstarsFounderCon en Europa 2016

Relato de una startup mexicana en la primer FounderCon Europa de Techstars.

Esta es la historia de los dos días que pasé al lado de grandes figuras de la tecnología, con emprendedores internacionales, y cómo terminé comiendo una hamburguesa con el fundador de Techstars, David Brown, durante la primer FounderCon Europa celebrado en Berlín.

La invitación al evento me había llegado apenas un par de días antes por lo que la decisión de viajar fue de último momento. …

Andrés de la O

Strategist. Product Manager & Technologist. Strategist @Bizsys. Formerly Tech Lead @FCB, and COO — Product Manager @Hotstreet.

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