Oleksyn life

My name is Andriy Oleksyn, I was born in Ukraine on March 5 in the year 2000. My family moved to America when I was the age of three. We lived in Chicago for two years and then we moved to Des Plaines and lived there for eight years. I have one brother and one sister, my brothers name is Oleg and my sisters name is Tanya. My brother is fifteen years old and is currently a sophomore at prospect and my sister is eight years old and a third grader at Fairview. I like shopping and working out and hanging with friends, i currently do gymnastics and work out everyday. I live about two blocks away from prospect and walk to school.

We went to my friends house Alexei after coming back from Chicago. At alexeis house we all went into the hot tub because we were exhausted.

Rick roll inspires me because me and my friends always have a fun time when we turn on his song so I’m inspired to make something that people will love. Harambe inspired me because his death was huge and I want my death to be big too. Trump inspires me because he became bankrupt many times and he got back up.

I chose McDonald’s because I’m pretty sure every foreigner thinks everyone eats McDonald’s in America. Skyscrapers because when I first came to America I thought of big buildings and I was right. People think of America as fat people because we have lots of fats food chains and there are lots of stereotypes for people in America.

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