President Muhammadu Buhari

The contemporary Nigerian society fails the test of individualism and communalism which is why it is in this precarious and pitiable state. The remote cause of the plenitude of issues faced by Nigerians could be traced to the fact that none is ready and willing to lead the legacy of a changed society.

Let’s check out what these principles are. Individualism in the simplest form, from the angle of governance means when the government allows citizens to be free to act and be responsible for their own social security. From the aspect of self, it is when a person exercises…

The issue of unemployment in Nigeria

The situation of unemployment in Nigeria is not just a menace but very appalling due to the defiant outlook the problem poses despite the efforts to eradicate it. From 2006 till present there is an approximate 2.0% increase rate in unemployment without record of slight reduction at any given year. It shows how critical the issue is in the nation and how exigent a panacea is needed. Recent findings and statistics according to Trading Economics shows that Nigeria is currently the seventh among all countries in the unemployment rate in Africa and tenth in the world. So much of disgust…

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Moments of emergencies have proven to be a fly in the ointment for the survival of liberties taking a cue from the agitations on Twitter, Reddit and history. The crystal clear answer to this is the fact that the machinery of government becomes unreasonably enhanced to function and introduce regulations that tenaciously tries to make liberty a when pigs fly situation with the civil society abiding by these regulations with pressure. This machinery in a bid to protect citizens during the pandemic, creates an atmosphere where economic activities are truncated, human rights expressions are on break and civil liberties are…

Oluseyi N. Adebanjo

Graduate of History and Strategic Studies|Pundit of Liberty| TOS-CON' 19 winner|I write to preach|I write to influence|I write to persuade.

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