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Denise Law

Shape the future of Economist? Most important direction is to bring the freelancers and stories and reports from Small Privates back. The “top end only” cronyism following of EC has really degraded it’s reporting lately. They are out of the loops and out of the inside scoops.

The biggest energy disruptions in history are happening all around EC and the way they write they are clearly CLUELESS to all of it. Even bigger ones are coming and it seems they couldn’t even care less. Technology is radically accelerating and where is EC? pushing sellacious clickbait then asking how to make the resulting mobs they whipped up into a frenzy into “discussion sensible.”

1,041 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies and EC hasn’t reported on a Single one of them yet.

The “other 210” nations have been changing economically and so radically as never before seen in history especially from energy dynamics and will do so again in incredibly radical form and EC is totally without a shred of vision to any of it. It’s as if they have forgotten totale that Energy = the Blood and Future of all Economics. I’ll come back to this…

100% am not signing up to anything even remotely malware nor virusware nor privacy intrusive to comment on newspieces. Discus is malware and intrusive, won’t sign up to it no way. fb is a malicious virus that hijacks both your pc and phones spamming you and stealing information, pictures, data, and worse, and leaves the users severely at risk of an ever growing list of things and more people are cancelling it for it’s intrusion, privacy invasion/destruction, hijacking spam ads, and on and on. I cancelled and cringe just the thought of ever using it again. The company should be broken up by regulators due to it’s absolutely despicable sellout actions against the public good. Demanding a malicious dragnet sellout membership like fb, discus or others to even comment? CLICK, NEXT, off that site or article and onto the next. To hell with that and 100% Praying to God that the world doesn’t continue on such a destruction path of total mental failure. Never will support such and more and more won’t. The completely clueless to other human views narcissists which couldn’t see the Trump win coming because they just expect everyone else to be more than enthralled with their dragnet police states and systemic matrix lives et al, information slammed down their throats and anger why they aren’t just swallowing it and parroting it too in lockstep and then even want people to pay for it HAH! What a joke. Amazing is the total lack of touch with the reality of views of the masses and also their wild variances.

Anything requiring any sign up or discus/identifiers etc PASS will immediately close that site or article and search it somewhere else.

No way in hell am I paying to comment on items, I would rather walk and make a medium or comment somewhere else. Nonsense! NEXT, CLICK! Dream on, Ever seen a school of fish turn in unison away from a shark? That’s your viewership numbers.

Economist if they want to result in any kind of more civil debate they should actually focus on quality journalism which really they have radically taken a turn for the worse and against in severe fashion in the last year or so. Their daily diatrabe of inflammatory pieces, clickbait political headlines, spam to our “social medias”, slander of politicians, severe political biases, is anything but the economist of old which seemed a far more intellectual direction than the EC of today. You used to be able to hide in the solace of intelligencia with an EC read and now it’s practically the same crap as anywhere else. Have to swim through the BS now and annoyed seemingly 75% of the time an article is pushed to me now by EC and that’s terrible considering I’m an “econom0-freakoholic.” More meaningless waste of time political clickbait crap is shovelled than ever before it seems. I think having quality commentary and debate begins with neutral and intellectual reporting not the sellacious crap clickbait sh..fights EC stirs up and EC has sadly degraded to these days not that EC seems interested in that better direction currently.

  1. Readers merely thumbs up their zombie brained political biases to promote them not for quality points so maybe a two category of likes one for political support and one for “intelligencia combined with political neutrality” or something of the like. However perhaps 70% of thumbs uppers will just up up or down down to push their biases.
  2. Tracking their views in a #s grading system could be a step but then again who wants to be tracked and “boxed in — be judged?” I sure don’t.
  3. Having some neutral mods and judges can be a good step but when the media venue is completely biased and generally most are these days and pushing one side or the other severely with nearly no true independence out there and all just clickbait sellouts no one really trusts that it will work or not be biased slant.
  4. Readers voting for posts with a third category of “civility and professionalism” in that post could raise such a post to a higher score, and writers to such as well, however again political biases will play huge in these rankings given to them and up-up-up down-down-down will be the norm but the one like and nothing else is a useless system totally.

The fact is media due to their total sellout to money and sellacious titles, slander, and biases etc are dooming society to an endless polarizing. Until they stop this and return to neutral investigative journalism on every side of every story there will be no return to intelligencia. That just isn’t gonna happen.

EC’s degredation lately has been completely disgusting on all kinds of levels. So much so that it’s even a real surprise to see anyone from there asking these kinds of questions. Probably you are asking here because no one in EC in the upper levels gives a Sh.. I think instead of asking the public you should be asking the editors and management. That’s where it begins, and that’s where it seems to have ended as well, EC no exception.

Good luck as you’re trying to sellout to the bonuses.

…Now, Back to Important Matters. On the climate change, toxic energy, energy policy, economic development, and global trade side of things, having NEW voices like for example NOT the same old same old crony establishments that EC shovels and their boring canned nothing new diatrabes would be a good direction and be much more interesting to the readers and spark new discussion. EC is seemingly at least a decade to two behind what is actually happening in the energy space. The cronies in EC and those who write for them are so totally out of touch with what is going on it’s an absolute shock for such a well funded organization. This total lack of any connection to what is actually happening is also a major contributor to the status quo, as they TALK endlessly the same old BS everyone grew tired of hearing ten years ago. No one wants to see the same rehashed crap yet again but EC has really fallen behind in a number of areas and in energy economics which is the driver of all economics and also the topic of the future of things in this sector, EC probably couldn’t be further behind and totally clueless. It kills me to see the lack of smarts in EC nearly every time they post anything on the energy space in renewables or climate change or shifting dynamics how absolutely clueless they are about any of it. In fact their cluelessness about it is Holding back progress in the world in this area which is the most important driver of change for all economies. ONLY talking to and reporting on the biggest mass corporates or what they are saying out there is NOT in any way nor has it ever been any kind of full perspective in reporting. EC obviously doesn’t get this somehow.

If EC even wants to BEGIN reporting on the energy space and it’s future direction… which is the Future of all “Economics” … 1,041 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies, and this is just ONE Small Private Energy Innovator of Change The World Charge. You would NEVER hear about anything like this in today’s EC nor what it means for the future of our world. Startups? Innovation? Startup Funding? Energy Startup Funding? Promotion of any of such? EC? who? what? Nothing, just nothing. No Leadership.

A desperate need = Bring in GLOBAL viewpoints not USA ones which are so often highly attacking and inflammatory in general and are polarized. Show how things are working in this or that other markets or areas and let it lie and get discussion rolling about other nations and their issues. The relation back to “home” wherever that is for the readers will spark way more ideas. “The USA bubble” among usa citizens, of which only 5–8% supposedly even have a passport is not contributing to global solutions in thinking and new ideas for change anywhere and not in usa either. Get some people OUTSIDE THE BOX, OUTSIDE the establishments, and even outside the country writing or being written about. Usa writers are writing inflammatory polarized pieces to a flammable audience trying to clickbait to sell ads unlike the more intelligencia styles of the UK, Australia, NZ, India, Bahamas, SG and Southeast Asian reporters, and the many other regions where multiculturalism is high and the cultural ideals of nationalism are usually lowered beneath “respect and be friends with your neighbor.”

That’s my $20, I just spent it with my time, don’t ask me to pay more. I won’t.

5. Pay commenters for good comments. Top 5 on each side of political spectrum if you want to continue the madness and top 5 in the neutral aisle as well, though this may sew division just yet again, but may help. Let’s face it, you will steal their directions and stories anyway. Pay something and people will try to write better. Oh right, “you guys” turned the knives in the freelancer’s backs and now they are on places like medium as you go asking there for how to get better dialogue, oh don’t let us forget. (but maybe to be fair that wasn’t your decision.)

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