Challenge: Describe what your customers are buying WITHOUT mentioning your products or services in 3 sentences or less

I saw this challenge, and thought at first WOW, big challenge. And then off the tongue it came our so long time now used statement of affirmation of our mission.

1. 20% Cheaper and more Reliable Electricity without spending a dime of your companies capital.
2. A Cleaner, more Sustainable company, life, business, society, world, and Future for all people.
3. Pride, for Supporting the #1 Underdog Small Private Innovators in New Breakthrough Technological Innovation, with hearts of Charity aimed squarely on help for the disadvantaged and underserved nations of good people, Alpha Omega Energy.
“We Changed The World!!”

An “Ad Sales Platform” or as you would all call them seemingly incorrectly as “a Media company” called me after meeting him, and didn’t much want to talk, but asked me to seemingly write a letter to him. I really didn’t want to. This is what he said.

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