Gas company executive responds about Toxic Energy Caused Deaths: “Let em all die..They’re gonna die anyway.” onward he spoke..

I expected evil and insanity when talking to a Gas company executive in Southeast Asia, but I certainly didn’t expect to hear this. “Let em all die..They’re gonna die anyway.” and onward he went..

At a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting I ran into this major Gas co. executive and when I heard he was doing gas, I said, “You should be doing the real gas.” he said “what’s that?” I said “Hydrogen.” and he laughed and scoffed and said “We are clean energy too.” To which I was appalled at his view of just how big his kahoneys are to even try to speak such insanity as the toxins of NatGas burning are evident and directly result in Millions of deaths and untold environmental degredation in both the extraction and transport and accidents but also the burning of it wholesale into the sky. To be fair sure it’s cleaner than many other Toxic energy sources and surely far better in vehicles or homes than oil but it certainly isn’t anywhere even near to being something “Clean”. What a joke.

But then I really thought I had him beat even more when I started in on these Millions of toxic energy deaths being caused, but to my utter shock this is how he responded:

This Gas company executive said “They’re all gonna die! what difference does it make? They’re all gonna die anyway Who Cares, So What!”

After a few seconds of just shock and awe and pain and suffering as I scrambled for my flat iphone to record this madness in (“WTF did he just really say that?!!”) style but couldn’t, I heard him rambling on and on like this for a good 5 minutes before he just absolutely repulsed away from me and my talk about new ways and solutions and a chance of a lifetime for him to do it a better way and help people and how we don’t need to feel like we have to do it that old messy way anymore. Such talk obviously disgusted him.

I’m not doing his Grim Reaper straight out of hell talk any justice at all here in my lack of proper memory of the 5 minute heartfelt monologue he went into but i’ll try. topic a second I know Apple at $144 up from $95 is looking like as I have coined the phrase at $95 as “the new toilet paper” even with all of our sheer disappointment over how short and non-replaceable the batteries are in the so poorly engineered non consumer friendly Apple iphones but that’s another issue. Damn I would have loved to have that recorded. BOTH times he said it in Chamber meetings. You would think for 250 Billion a year in Revs that they could manage to think of making a sensible phone with replaceable batteries not this run out of power by 12,4,8pm insanity. I want my cartridge mode back! Sales? 250 Billion, engineering? a whole lot more like toilet paper. Maybe even that used version you are eager to flush..Anyway…

These are Just a few of the unexpectedly shock-awe-freeze you stiff make you wish you had that on recording type of things he said. (very close to actual quotes)

“It doesn’t matter they are all gonna die anyway. Are they gonna live forever?”
“So What do you care? Why should I care?”
“It’s survival of the fittest man that’s the name of the game.”
“It’s their choice, they can invest their money into new things like solar but they don’t so who cares?” “So let em die it doesn’t matter. There are too many people anyway and they will all be dead anyway, so what, cry me a river.”
“People get sick, people die, so what, we make money., so what!”
“A few people die here a few there big deal people have always died.”
“People live longer now than ever before in history due to cheap available energy, you just can’t argue with it, some people die from it more people live longer from it who cares let em die.”
“I hope more die, that means we sold more gas and made more money.”

I was shocked. Being a fact-based scientific mind I do agree that abundant energy even if toxic especially better sources like oil and gas versus coal has enabled huge progress in all things and without it we would undoubtedly still be in the stone ages, that was a valid point, however now that we have far better solutions we have a significant non-ignorable moral obligation to make the change and make it as fast as possible, not to mention it’s far far cheaper than these old stone age toxics.

After he also spewed lies about the cost comparison for solar versus gas I said in response;

“How much do you have to pay for the sunrays over the next 30 years after you install solar?” “If I install gas, out of those 30 years when do I start getting the gas to my buildings completely for free?”
I went on to ask “How many people die each year from solar panel and renewables use versus how many die from this caveman style toxic energy insanity?”

Of course he just ran away from this to the next lines of “Let em die” and “Send em all to hell” or something of the sort.

Perhaps this is the psychology of the average oil and gas worker they look for in their psych assessments. I can only imagine the recruiting campaigns in the HR departments of these companies and their selection processes for executives like this. “Must exhibit blatantly cold human valuelessness” might even begin to appear in their job ads beside buzzwords like “A penchant for all things sickness, evil, greedy, mortality, and material at all costs to others health and lives” and of course we can’t forget the ultimate truth now in a world of Technology and Solutions Unlimited once we BEGIN INVESTING IN the Small Private Innovators of Change The World Charge, but

unrepentant oil, gas, and coal workers also need to realize what they really are. A “Campaigner for death”.
This Future Man is back to work, a Campaigner for LIFE.
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