Dear Class of 2017
Melinda Gates

Greetings dear Melinda. I would like you guys to invest in my tiny little company or help me find someone who will.

I happen to have made 1,323 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies. Bill claims to want a breakthrough well here they are, 1300+ of them.

Aquion has failed miserably and lost 190 million and went really nowhere. Coke wants me to install Megawatts, and I have over 60 Million of expressed interest to order. I can get more, but without investors, what can we do?

I moved to Cambodia to do what these people usually only TALK about actually doing, CHANGE THE WORLD. If you want to begin to talk about it, perhaps supporting those fighting already in the field for such is a good plan. So many of us small private innovators never get any support nor ever will. From Geneva convention award winners to the best patents in the world, and no support whatsoever in 22 nations.

I offer to you and Bill 100% of the shares of my company on reversion contract back to me once you earn 300% and exit. I don’t require any financial control whatsoever, don’t need to touch one dollar, kpmg and pwc are here. Don’t trust me, give it to them. They can pay every supplier and item directly according to spendsheets and budget so there can be no issues.

I don’t need 190 million I don’t need 1 million. We will profit very early and IPO on the Cambodia stock market. Just need 1 year and a profit to list. Bloomberg has already invited us onto the show when have found this lead investor and are ready for the big install showcase, they will put us on.

Us in the SPI market are frustrated with Bill only supporting the establishment. I’m sure we know too little about your guy’s work.

You help hospitals and poor places in africa. My solutions are key to the future development of these places. In future I want to do also in Zambia and Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda.

I am looking hard at Myanmar right now where there are 32 MILLION people with no electricity whatsoever. I have the solutions but I can’t reach them merely because no investor.

VC will come in and buy you out immediately and you can run away with a great 3x profit post installation. Bill wants commercialization its right here right now.

I would like referrals to your hospital and other infrastructure in Africa where you guys are doing your work. I will single handedly solar them and kill their electric bills and finance it all as well without you putting in one dollar. If the hospitals are big enough I will power them 24 hours a day with my other technologies without one dollar of your nor the hospitals money, I will arrange all the finance myself. I can do this if you invest or not. If you have anything like this in Southeast Asia I can be all over it immediately.

But you should invest.

1,323 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies, and there is not a single investor in Cambodia to support. I went to ASEAN Sustainable Week event and same not a single investor nor investment company exhibited nor did anyone I spoke to meet any. Myanmar Government Industrial engineering Society Chairman almost took my arm home with him after shaking it saying “We can LEAPFROG with your technology, we have got to get you to come to Myanmar.” But no investor…

World Economic Forum invited me and I went, again not a word about support for startup nor innovation nor energy tech development and no one knew where I might find any investment support. Imagine….

The world as you know is waiting. I have the solutions. You should talk to me. At least help me find someone who wants to invest in this area who can check it out.

What else can we do? This is Cambodia not Silicon Valley…

Alpha Omega Energy

“We Changed The World!!”

Lets hope you invest so the Change can actually be in the people’s lives and not just TALK about TALK at commencement speeches. Thanks so much also for the mention to people about ACTUALLY going out INTO the World, To Change It.