If you want to Change The World with some of the Greatest Technologies in Energy History, you may not go to Cambodia, but this Startup Did.

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If you want to Change The World

with the some of greatest technologies in energy history and deliver the Blood of Change in the economic future of energy development where it’s needed most, perhaps you might not choose Cambodia to begin but this Clean Energy Startup Entrepreneur and Inventor decided to go to the poor and do just that.

Poor Cambodia is one of the greatest energy lack nations on earth, where there are no startup investors, no venture capital companies, and a new and barely sputtering for life stock market. Despite this a Christian entrepreneur decided to relocate there and build his Startup against the odds and win the Clean Energy Future.

In a time when NGO’s are moving away from the orphans and orphanage market due to usury and exploitation to fool donors, his Startup is walking right in to help power them with clean energy and light up the future of the nation. There are over 600 orphanages in Cambodia and they all lack stable finance and adequate energy.

“Why not Silicon Valley for this? Why don’t you go to work for Tesla?” He is asked these questions due to his ..get this.. 1,044 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies. From all new batteries to new generators to advancements to solar, wind and hydro, To International space station improvements, and satellite and rocket technologies. He has just begun reaching out to the Indian Space Research Organization, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and the ESA to get something of his up in space. “They don’t get it.” he says, they should be coming here to Cambodia, not all of us going there. “This is where the help is needed, not there where they have everything.”

Cambodia still suffers with millions under the poverty line rate, a minimum wage that just hit $153 a month, only 20% with adequate access to electricity, 23% without access to clean drinking water, and only 16% with a bank account. Power outages to the Orphans often occurs 5–8 times a day even if they have electricity at all. The founder states “We can power the whole country’s needs with 100% clean energy in just 5 years. With the right plan and execution, everything can be Changed for these people. But we need energy, investors and financial support in the right places.”

Having come from the “godless west” of a broken family and split from his mother at 12, with all his family now passed and he the sole remaining, he is somewhat of an orphan himself. His Startup has a whole host of charitable missions they plan on pursuing listed on their website, beginning with the Orphans and using Clean Energy to help them.

The Alpha Omega Energy Solar Orphanage program will power up the orphanages at lower cost than the government, NGOs, churches and administrations pay now. This will free up money for the children and provide more energy security. Eventually the systems will be fully paid for and free. This will then free up 5x the money for the kids and provide energy free of charge for decades more. They even have a program to earn additional money for the orphanages and Child Ministry by selling additional excess power generated. AOE now seeks financiers for several new systems of this innovative finance.

“We can solve many problems all at the same time by supporting the kids and creating a new global template for a combination of sustainable energy + climate change mitigation + innovative social welfare funding + development finance. I want to template this to the World Bank and other Development organizations. In fact, they should have been doing this already before I got here. Why aren’t they?”

Cambodia culture in business, finance, investment and development already lacks sophistication and experience, but long-term creative solutions thinking is not the current way of things. AOE sees great opportunity to operate in and fill the market void in the energy space.

Julie, a professional freelance writer who is now trying to help them get some press attention says: “This guy is brilliant, someone really needs to begin supporting him and missions like these, he could do some serious good. This is a great business prospect as well and it’s true that NGOs are too slow on the uptake.”

Andrew, Intern at Leopard Capital: “It’s a shame we can’t invest in startups currently because that’s exactly what this country needs and right now. There is tremendous potential in this industry and especially for AOE.”

They pitched at the first national Startup fair, The Techstars Startup weekend, the “Pitch to investors” meeting, to the ‘failed portfolio and closing down Private Equity firms’, but no real Startup investors were present, and no one invested into anything at any of the Startup events nor afterward. Cambodia attracted just $15,000 in Startup investment in 2016 and half came from abroad. There is no pipeline for startups to find investors and no one who knows any especially for the higher capital cost Clean Energy Sector. So far they have no financial support to date despite having 1,044 Breakthrough Techs and counting. The Bill Gate’s “BEV fund” doesn’t accept Small Private Innovators either, nor in poor nations like Cambodia.

“We will have to keep working to self-fund if no one will support us. That’s just how it is. This isn’t silicon valley and I knew that. But this is the war for our planet and futures and peoples and we should think about the poor not just the rich. That’s why I came here. We don’t pay to play, and we are not establishment energy. We are Small Private Innovators, so we don’t get support. We would love to have a quality investor and make them a lot of money, but this is Cambodia and the NGOs, chambers, supposed supporters of SME, and late stage investors don’t do anything for startups on the financial side and have moved away from the orphanage market.”

“We have been to see Unicef, CCF, World Vision, churches, Government departments, and many others and they couldn’t care less about us helping them so far. But private industry wants energy so it’s of course not going to stop us. We will win, it’s just very hard in the beginning when no one with the financial ability is helping.”

AOE’s founder declines nationality-isms, having worked in 22 nations, lived in 9, and having qualifications for 4 nationalities having immigrated twice. “We are all one people with just one air, one water, one planet, and we need to start looking after each other. I like to call myself world-people.”

He studied investment and finance, and in a decade-plus financial career built small financial companies that did a lot of business with the titans in the global financial industry. He is determined to take that experience and his Startup into a quick IPO on the local Cambodia Stock Exchange. “It’s the most liberal listing market in Asia.”

After 15 months of beginning and pitching in China where no foreign startup in history could be located that had ever gotten a deal from a Chinese boss to invest, and no one could be found anywhere who was interested in doing so including Bejing innovation alley, they decided to relocate and go to the poor in Cambodia.

Nearly 2 years into the organization’s planning, pitching, and development of the Startup, they walked into the Cambodia Child Welfare ministry and said “We want to power up all the orphanages and save you a lot of money. We’re going to do it whether you like it or not so you should get on board.” The Ministry was enthralled in thank yous and appreciation but the NGOs nowhere to be seen. The ministry had wondered if there was any way to do something in this direction. Now Alpha Omega Energy is doing beyond what the Ministry ever thought was possible.

AOE is seeking NGOs that want help as well, but so far they either don’t return emails or really don’t get it, or don’t care. But private industry loves it and due to, AOE has a real market here. Cambodia is very much a “Pay to Play market” where Chambers like the Eurocham who has a “Climate Panel” refuses access and all support or even contact unless you “Pay to play”. “This is corrupt and anti-human. It won’t win me friends to say it, but that’s what it is. Regardless of their corruption, we are going to achieve VICTORY, period.”

“NGOs are about meetings, talk, reports, paperwork, so called collaboration, but no action in investment, no funding, no financing, no organization for it either. No real support happens so when you look at the bottom line changes and job growth for SME, no real quality results.”

When asked about his faith which he says gives him some serious Charge he says “I’m a crazy Christiany Christian who wants to Change The World. When people ask me how I made 1,044 New Energy Technologies I say: “God is the original Inventor of all light and all energy. If you want to know about energy, you should know about God.””

“We will make example programs and templates that World Bank can use, new templates for sustainable finance, and build and install dozens of brand new technologies that will absolutely obsolete current day solar and wind. We could end up rewriting the total lack of government sustainable finance and energy budget management around the world. After the last 15 years where apparently 30 or so billion has been thrown on NGO budgets and government handouts, and where the world bank doesn’t even have solar panels on their roof here one should would wonder why all the empty phoney talk and the incompetence to solve the job.

The best part is we could do it all for free. But we could do it a lot faster with financial support and investors and we can even make investors a beautiful profit multiple. And we can put it on the stock market, and I will.

Doing this for orphans is like a dream come true for me. What’s a better life than helping the next generation of underdog fighter kids who may go on to become the next Small Private Innovators and Change The World like were gonna do?

Let’s power up some lives. After all, God said Let there be light!”

If you want to contact them to offer support, email aomegaenergy at outlook dot com