Tiny Cambodian Startup Shatters All-Time USA Renewable Energy Performance Record, now seeks Angel Investors for immediate commercial installs.

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Imagine breaking the record books of history of high value technology with companies with names like Sharp, Panasonic, Sunpower, First Solar, Toshiba, on it. You would expect thrills and chills, but if a startup broke it, a teeny startup, yet unfunded, in of all places, Cambodia, perhaps the reception might be a little bit chilly. Cambodia With ZERO VC, ZERO Startup funds, and a dozen local startup community meetings with no investors and no deals in them over the last 6 months, and only a reported 2 deals in Cambodian Startup History above $7,500, Let’s all hope they can internationally Cold Call their way to funding success.

The founder cites to VCs “With 240 Million people going to be DEAD by 2057, 6–9 Million a year and 2 million alone from the China-Toxo-Holocaust, if you aren’t supporting the Small Private Innovators of Change in this field, you are frankly all TALK no ACTION on CHANGE the World Issues especially Climate and on care for the greatest systemic eradication of human life in history. Stop pretending you are interested in Changing the world when you don’t care about this issue with your money.”

Tiny Cambodia boasts 80% of their population with inadequate to no access to electricity whatsoever, 35% of villages have no electricity whatsoever, only 65% even have a power pole, and most have nothing from there. The south border of the nation has sporadic power from Vietnam experiencing blackouts 5–8 times a day. Industry is railing in anger at the high power prices, the special economic zones none of them have enough power for industry, there is virtually zero renewable energy in the country. They have no oil no gas and no coal coming out of the ground, losing 11% of GDP to Toxic Energy imports from rich countries. 23% have no access to clean drinking water, only 16% have a bank account, irrigation isn’t happening because power prices are too high, and they currently despite the greatest increase in history of 10x the energy supply over the last 10 years, have just 2% of the power per person of the USA.

Now when an international startup rolls into town with the #1 Energy technologies in history, you know that they give “Product-Market fit” a whole new meaning. But without investment all you will hear is sputter and stall, and in fact, they are now building a plan B self-funding startup alongside their New Energy Startup which generates cashflow to survive until they can locate that ONE SMART GUY.

Cambodia boasts a 7% GDP growth and 20% YOY power consumption rises, no capital controls, little business restrictions and the most liberal stock market listings in Asia with just 4 companies on the CSX so far, a large english speaker base and growing, 3–9 years of tax holiday and import tax waivers, and just 10% corp tax in development zones, all reasons the founder cites are why he chose Cambodia to relocate to, but the main reason is “We need to put the focus on the poor if we want to begin to change the world.”

They pitched in an innovation fair in China of 500 invited entrants and won 3rd place and were voted:

· Most Valuable Project

· Most Likely to Succeed

· Best Project

But get this, the chinese bosses stated “you are foreigners, we don’t invest in foreigners in china”. Stats, research, and dozens of startup center visits and surveys even have it that there have been no deals whatsoever to foreign-in-china startups yet in the entire market and the Aussie incubators have had mass-problems parading hundreds of chinese bosses to incubators over years with no deals.

Among the tech that AOE boasts is get this:

The #1 Fuel cell tech on earth in a 50 Billion a year industry and growing rapidly,

14 New Solar Panel tech improvements they state can increase solar performance to 196% of current range

22 New battery techs

Over 50 improvements to EV’s in charge systems and distance

Materials techs, polymer techs, process techs and corrosion techs

Over 20 existing power plant improvement techs

Waste to Energy Mini-generator techs that are world leading

They even have Techs that can improve the ISS and satellites’ power usage, and have recently begun emailing the Indian Space Research Organization, the European Space Agency, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and Yuri Milner who wants to send hundreds of small satellites into space.

When asked why he doesn’t go work for Tesla he states “You don’t get it. They should be coming here to help these people, not everyone leaving them. They should all be coming here not asking me to go there.”

In total to date they boast 1,022 New Energy and Energy Related Technologies and the founder says “I still have so much I’m dying to learn. No time, need Investor.”

They pledge to do one at a time and even have a shocking deal for the investor:

100% Shares ownership in the beginning on a reversion contract, with near total control, using triple-escrow third party administrators where they don’t touch $1 of cash and can’t. “Don’t need to trust us. We aim to protect our investors.” they say.

They plan to IPO on the local CSX asap and it was their first stop off the plane right after meeting the local securities commission. Talk about serious intention. They state they work around the clock, and haven’t been to a single tourist destination. “I didn’t come for tourism. I came to build my startup and get on that market. Plan A plan B plan C, whatever. Victory, that’s all that matters. Once we win I have 7 more countries to do. then I can go anywhere I want.” Their international expansion plan has already been laid, with the remaining founder having travelled to global energy fairs in 21 nations, and having studied and worked in 5 of the 7 of the planned future expansion nations already.

If you know any seed stage investors in Real Economy New Energy Startups with the capacity for Seed plus scale at favorable terms, feel free to help out in the strangely missing global war to save hundreds of millions of dying people’s lives to toxic energy pollution in our skies, lakes, water, and everywhere.

Last word?

“We’re Fighting for all our Futures, and we’re dedicated to doing it where it matters.”

Alpha Omega Energy, We Changed The World!”

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