Want to Tick 13 of 17 Global Goals With One Startup Investment? Alpha Omega Energy is your next Stock Ticker of the Human Development Future.

The United Nations has outlined 17 Sustainable Development Goals that 193 of 240 nations have made pledges to.

Imagine if you could tick off 13 of those 17 boxed with just one Investment. Imagine if you could not only do it making profit, but invest into a pre-IPO as well on that funding. Now That is Sustainable Impact Investing!

Alpha Omega Energy while an early stage Startup is already preparing for an IPO on the Cambodia stock exchange and would be just the 5th company in history to do so, and only the 2nd wholly private enterprise.

AOE is a Clean Energy innovations company with 3 current divisions under one umbrella they are growing into namely; Fuel Cell, Solar Installation, and Clean Energy Industry Fintech. Many startups still don’t have product market fit, nor business model and monetization developed among others. Causes for failure are often these and lack of clear vision development, unique selling prospect, lack of demand, or lack of definable market. But these factors are something way in the past for AOE. Operating not only with the top Energy technologies in the energy vaccum of Cambodia and Asean with Consumption growth of 20% a year, and over 1,044 New Energy and Energy related technologies including their #1 in World Distributed Power Generation Fuel Cell with 92 Iterations over 13 Generations of technology, AOE is set to achieve years of steady and explosive growth.

Not only are the failure mitigation boxes checked off, and the growth planning metrics, but AOE helps toward the victory in 13 of the 17 UN Sustainable goals.

#1. No Poverty — By providing more low cost energy to Cambodia, industry will be able to re-allocate cashflow to growth and jobs. Productivity gains from fewer power outages will also have this result, more jobs. Cambodia also can eventually decrease their 11% GDP loss to importing foreign toxic energies which is predicted to increase to up to 20% of GDP by 2030. Every dollar of this lost economic spiral of wealth exported to other nations will result in again, more jobs, more energy security, and of course thus less poverty.

#2. Zero Hunger — Some of the main drivers of hunger among many studies is lack of adequate employment and high cost or inadequate electricity access, and more and cheaper local power production is a major answer to solving this problem. When people have electricity for education, refrigeration, industry, factories, businesses, and technology, job growth follows towards full employment. It’s pretty hard to eat when there is no electricity thus industry.

#3. Good Health and Well Being — Currently the World Health Organization states that between 6–9 MILLION people are dead each year just from breathing the air. AOE is actively fighting back by providing clean energy instead of the caveman insanity practice of digging up everything we can find at much higher cost just to light it on fire into the air and kill people.

#6. Clean Water and Sanitation — Cambodia lacks irrigation and clean water. 23% of Cambodians lack access to clean drinking water and the water treatment situation just keeps getting worse. AOE is targeting water pumping stations to be able to provide cheaper electricity resulting in directly longer hours and more pumping, waste treatment, and drinking water.

#7. Affordable and Clean Energy — #1 in Distributed Power Generation in the World.

#8. Decent Work and Economic Growth — For all underdeveloped nations this begins with adequate power production and sustainable trade balance of energy meaning internal energy security and production. The long term new future direction is going to be paved with new innovations and AOE is in the forefront of this march.

#9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure — Nothing says this better than industrial and commercial clean energy power innovations by the hundreds as AOE has developed, and is commercializing into the marketplace. The future will literally be Charged up with new Energy Innovation.

#10. Reduced Inequalities — Reducing inequalities begins with wage-inflation spiral, infrastructure penetrations especially technological and education infrastructure penetration, and blood of this lifeline is clean cheap adequate power produced domestically by fast reinvesting SME and especially Startups.

#11. Sustainable cities and communities begin with local distributed power generation and efficiency, saving money that can be reinvested into recycling and other sustainable small enterprises to spark jobs and innovation in this sector in the local community.

#12. Responsible consumption and production — Again everything runs on the internet of internets especially in the production area, using energy. Consumption also comes down to higher efficiencies which offset consumption directly. AOE has the highest efficiency technologies in the world to date.

#13. Climate Action — Nothing provides direct Climate Change support like exchanging human life and planet killing burning of toxic fuels with the Clean Energy life giving economic Blood of Alpha Omega Energy Industrial and Distributed Power Generation Solutions.

#14. Life Below Water — as dust from coal burning grows each day, falling everywhere in the oceans leaving millions of tons of toxins in our rivers lakes and streams and oceans each year, we have never experienced greater need to protect our environment from where we eat our food than now. The waterways of our world is the blood of it’s health, and we need to stop the madness and go to Clean Energy asap.

#15. Life on Land- Again Toxic dust and gas leaks and spills poisoning our water mains and tables, and falling on all our crops, fields, and orchards, is resulting in millions of sicknesses and toxic energy related deaths each year in addition to just those from air pollutions.

It’s time to make the Change to INVESTment into the Startups Making the Fight for our world, it’s time for Direct Financial Support and Direct INVESTment, into Alpha Omega Energy.

AOE plans their IPO in 2018 and is rapidly deploying every means possible to raise the investment that will make it happen, and helping the UN to not only realize these goals, but Supercharge the speed to the finish line.

to contact them about making your investment, aomegaenergy at outlook dot com