Why do you have right, to legally know what your client is doing?

Snapchat’s primary patrons are millennials. As a millennial I can say, our phones are always in our hands and our minds are running a million miles a minute. Snapchat has more than eight billion video views daily and over one hundred million active daily users. If a company uses Snapchat effectively, they are essentially handing out their business card. Let’s face it, we don’t keep business cards unless we know it is regarding something we need. The items we often buy, or the services we often use are generally thrust upon us before we even know we are looking for them.
That’s where Snapchat comes into play. The app has already begun allowing advertising on their “My Story” page. At any point in the day, you can see ten second streams of news, advertisements, or event promotions. The next step for businesses is to truly become engrained in the app by adding a potential clients and customers on Snapchat. That’s right, a business needs to create a personal page. By interacting personally with a consumer, your rapport will sky rocket as you are engaging this person face to face. It will also be the epitome of market research as you will be able to legally see what your client was doing at that particular time.

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