Role of an Agent to Register a Business in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai is pretty easy considering the little framework and single clearance needed. However, the legal and bureaucratic hurdles posed in any kind of country tend to drain out the energy of any seasoned investor. This is where selecting a consultancy that can help you to register business in Dubai is a wise thing to do. Some of the factors that help in selecting the middleman/agent are-

The agent should be licensed to help foreign companies in registering their business in Dubai

Many businesses prefer to get registered in the free zones in Dubai as that area provides great tax benefits. Among the twenty free zones here, some are the world-famous Dubai airport free zone, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, and Dubai Silicon Oasis. The business looking to set up base in Dubai should select an agent who is licensed by the government of Dubai to help with the registration of a business thus acting as efficient intermediary between the businesses and the investors in the free zones.

Knowledge in the types of formation of companies

To register a business in Dubai, the agent/middleman should have proper knowledge of the different types of company formation and also hold licenses to register companies under the different registration types. Along with the expertise the agent should have a lot of experience in this industry. For example: The different business licenses provided by the Government of Dubai are-

  • Commercial license — This is provided to company that engages in trading activities.
  • Industrial license — This is provided to a company that engages in some kind of industrial or manufacturing activity.
  • Industrial license — This is provided to a company that engages in some kind of industrial or manufacturing activity.

The agent who will provide help to register business in Dubai should be aware of all these licenses and help the business in attaining the right license. Also, based on the type of business operations on a daily basis, you can set up your company in a Free Zone, offshore, or have a virtual office.

Expertise knowledge in various areas of formation of companies

Creating a robust plan, submitting all the required papers and forms for registration, getting them approved from authorities, and carrying other tasks are all part of the duties of your company registration agent. The agent who can help with the registration of businesses in Dubai should have knowledge about all these factors and should have a good network.

Additional value-added services

After the registration process, the actual challenge starts. Visas need to be obtained, office environments need to be set up, auditing has to be done accurately, and other kinds of support service need to be established. Getting these support services at the initial phase can be very rough. The agent who helps you to register businesses in Dubai should be able to provide complete assistance from providing details to filling and submitting forms, getting approvals, etc. to help you set up a fully operational office.