Uber Navigation
Cady Wachsman

Wow thanks for sharing!

I actually have some feedback as a Uber driver. Maybe the design or product team has already fixed the problem, but here it is:

I found that when Uber is directing the driver to my position, it does not take side-of-street into consideration. Often times, my driver is directed to the opposite side of me. Luckily, my usual pickup point is not near a busy street, so that I can easily walk across to meet the driver. Sometimes if the driver is familiar with the neighborhood and knows where I am, he/she will pull right next to me. I understand how pickup can be frustrating, so my usual pickup point is not hard to find. I wonder why is it that some drivers are directed elsewhere. One time, a driver was even directed to drive pass where I was and onto a different street.

Imagine if I was standing next to a busy street with lots of lanes, directing the driver to the opposite side of the street would be very dangerous.

I hope my feedback helps. Thanks again, Uber Design!

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