Kimberly Fernandez is a National Level Footballer and a Businesswoman with extensive experience in Sports Event Management and Entrepreneurship. Her skills in a football game and managing a sports event are attracting worldwide eyeballs on her as well as her company Zars Sports.

I recently had an opportunity to interact with Kimberly over an interview. Let’s dive into Kimberly’s life and learn a few things about her.

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  1. Hi Kimberly, Please introduce yourself to our audience. Tell us about your academic and professional life.

Hey, I’m Kimberly Fernandez, a 23-year-old, semi-professional footballer, and a first-generation entrepreneur. In 2018 along with my partner Nigel D’souza, we founded “Zars Sports”. Prior to setting up Zars Sports, I had experience working with a couple of other companies, some of which were Star India Pvt.Ltd, which is the top broadcasting company in India. I worked as an Associate with their Brand Experience and Events team for a year. I had previously also worked with consultancies, which handled sports events. A huge eye-opener for me was working for the FIFA U17 World Cup 2017, which sowed the seeds of excitement and curiosity in me, I wanted to further explore what the sports industry had to offer and the many opportunities it presented. …


Aonkar Sawant

Sports Enthusiast | Maraketing & Research Intern @SportIn Global

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