The Legend of Shahid Khan, Afridi !!!

The Man who reinvent the Sport of Cricket and holds 28 World Records !!

They Step up from the Ordinary, set new benchmarks, raise the bar to a whole new level, change the domain, create new World Records, lead from the front and then they become LEGENDS !!!

This is the tale of a 16 years old boy who not only set 2 World Records 20 years ago, he literally reinvent the Sport of Cricket and transcend the game into a more agile and fast paced sport.

He stood above all of his contemporaries and became a Global Icon. With his aggression in his batting and handy bowling he achieved numerous achievements and World Records and become one of the greatest all rounders of all times.

His style, fame and aggressive batting style helped him in transferring the sport of Cricket into a new format i.e. The T-20, a limited over fast paced form of Cricket.

That boy who reinvent the Sport of Cricket and passed the torch to the new generation after a 5 Star 21 years long International career later became the Boom Boom Afridi. He single handedly won the 2009 T-20 World Cup for Pakistan and received numerous awards for his outstanding performances.

Still after the induction of T-20, 11 years ago, he holds most records in this format too, from the leading wicket taker to the Most Man of the Match Awards and the list goes on.

One of the Greatest All rounder in the Sport of Cricket-The Legend of Afridi !!

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