We need to slow down. We need to make less.
At last months, I receive tons of emails with people writing, selling, showing, how to become more productive, how to deliver more, how to make more, how to hack our brain to stay more awake, etc.

I believe we need the opposite: We need to sleep more. We need to work less. We need to find a way to do nothing.

Some time ago, a friend of mine asks me, what I want from the life. This question takes a lot of time and effort to get a good answer. We tend to think about money, properties, children, legacy… But for me, the right answer is TIME! Time to do a sport. Time to play with sons. Time to go to the beach. Time to study. Time to work. I want to be a master of my schedule and time.

Sure, the easy way to have time is through money. Money can by someone to do hard work, a better place to live, etc. This is why we think money is the right answer.

However, we can get more time without lottery (in Brazil we call Megasena). We don’t need a gold pot. We need just organizes and finding our priorities.

Today we have more possibilities than ever before. We have a lot of technologies to help. We don’t need to go to office: we can work from home. We don’t need work exactly from 8:00 to 17:00: we can work for an enterprise of Australia from Brazil (if you like to work at dawn).

The point here is these peoples want just sell their products. I really don’t believe in them. We work more than 20 years before and we have more technology than 10 years before.

We should rethink the way we see the job and our relation with it.

Do less to achieve more. Peace. Find your way and tell us. Who knows, we can start a movement for better lives.