Viva la vida de un Americano

My life as an American is fulfilled with school, sports, tv and friends. Living and enjoying my rights and freedom day in and day out. I enjoy playing volleyball, spike ball, and frisbee. My favorite vacation spot would be Wisconsin where I jet ski, fish, and eat pizza. I am a triplet with 2 brothers and 1 sister. I love to hang out with friends as much as possible. Whole milk or no milk. @Milkman #DarthClouds

Eminem is my favorite artist of all time. He’s is one of the most influential artists I’ve ever listened too. He has been through the roughest and knows what it takes to get out. His story is truly the most inspiring story I’ve known about.

On Friday nights I spend my time at prospect football games supporting my friends as well as my school.

This picture taken from is Eminem. He is one of my idols because his music and story both are truly inspirational.

This photo of Walter Payton was taken from He inspires me because of how hard he worked to be the best he could be.

This photo of Jonathan Towes was taken from barstool sports. Towes is an idol of mine because of the leadership role he plays for the Hawks. He’s a very good leader and teammate.

One of my many dreams is to spend a weekend in the middle of a Forrest, listen through Pink Floyd’s DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and vibe with nature for a whole weekend. There so many beautiful things nature gives us. The key is to find all the weeds, and take them away so people can see the beautiful flowers. We can’t let this beautiful green world go unnoticed because we need to be on electronics.

This photo represents how here in America you have the right to make the best life you can make for yourself. An amazingly underrated freedom.

Like N.W.A said, America is amazing because you have the right to express yourself. You have so many freedoms to be you and that is an amazing piece of the puzzle.

This picture shows the different cultures we have in the United States. It’s absolutely amazing that a all these different kinds of people can come together and create such an interesting play on cultural diffusion.

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