Attention Future Students!!

Hello future English 214 hybrid students, I hope you are all ready for the late nights and stress this semester is to bring to you. As many of you have probably already looked up Professor Shannon on the infamous Rate My Professor, I would like to further your knowledge of what this class has in store for you. I started this class by thinking that writing a blog wouldn’t be difficult or too time consuming. You are free to choose the topic of your liking for your blog but choose wisely. Choose a topic that you can be dedicated to and will not bore you in the long run. The topic I chose didn’t bore me but it became difficult with many of the blog assignments such as framing a debate. Which brings me to my next word of advice — please start an assignment the day it is assigned to you. Many of you may already do this for any other class but it is very important to do for this class because it is much research and wrting that is to be completed that simply can’t be done if you push it to the very last minute like I did for many of the assigments. Ultimately please prepare yourself for this class, it won’t be easy and will require you to give it much attention. It’s not all bad, the instructors humor brightens the mood and doesn’t make it feel like a typical English class. Thats exactly what it’s not, a typical English class, you granted with the freedom to choose what you want to write about and the activities conducted in class aren’t boring! You actually learn something from these assignments such as when we were to vandalize Wikipedia. All this class takes is time and effort. What I wish I would have done more was instead of rushing my blog posts, write at least 150 words a day before it was due, done more research on the topic I chose and ultimately devote more of my time to this class. Yes I know this is a required class to satisfy your G.E.’s but please take it because you are willing to put in the effort and attention it deserves. You may or may not care for what I had to say or even really read my advice but I hope it shed a bit of light on how you should handle this class. Good luck to you all on your college adventure.