Total Quality Management in my life

I believe implementing it on daily life will have a drastic change on our lives not just professionally but also personally.

Before TQM:

Before TQM i had only focusing on the customer needs and wants for the selling point of view.

I have only applying my ideas or new creative thing, not prioritize customer or employees.

After TQM:

When i have learn about the main concepts of TQM so i realize to change the way of delivering quality base product or service.

Quality not only in product but also in the overall process for delivering customer’s needs and want base service.

Because TQM begins with understanding customers, their needs and what they expect from the organization

Employee Involvement in decision:

After learn TQM, i have clear concept of employee involvement in decision making. in which idea comes from different mind so its may be beneficial for the company or me.


Organization and teamwork are the next characteristics of TQM. All levels from the highest management to the lower employee have to work together and communicate in order to reach the highest level of quality.

Management skills:

I learnt from TQM is management skills. i have managing the employees understand that the goal is to do the job right the first time in order to achieve quality and control the cost of doing business in any field.



I have change the way of practical working style from traditional to PDCA. This step help me to road map of success. I know where I am, and I know where I want to go.


Once I’ve settled on a plan, execute and applying in practical field.


My due date i have evaluate our performance and outcome results. other thing is that i am following the plan but it’s just not enough.


When i have results so act upon the outcomes

this is ver useful for me after learnt TQM.

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