Albion Online: Balancing The Sub Tiers

Right now the weapon and armor sub tiers are completely imbalanced. The only thing separating them is unique abilities, that scale the same way in each sub tier, and item power, where the higher the sub tier the higher the item power. This creates a situation where x.3 will always be better than x.2 and x.1 (in armor and 2h) because you will always get more stats (Armor, HPs, DPS etc) with higher sub tiers.

To balance this out I would suggest the following:


  • Make all effects on armor a multiplier of item power
  • Keep Item power levels the at their current state
  • Change each tier to give scaling number of effects based on tier (IE highest tier would focus on one effect, such as +Attack Speed, +Damage, +Move speed for x amount of time etc)
  • Tier x.1 would give 3 effects
  • Tier x.2 would give 2 effects
  • Tier x.3 would give 1 effect

This would give more item power multipliers that for lower tiers would individually do less, but overall equal out to provide as much benefit as higher sub tier armor.


  • Remove the passives for x.3 weapons
  • In the case of x.1 two-handed weapons give the same item power as the x.2s
  • Keep everything else the same

x.1 one-handed weapons already have the ability to gain added stats and a passive from off hands, so there is no reason to change them unless you have enough Albion Online Silver. The differences between x.2 and x.3 weapons, however, is a separate unique ability, which is usually better on x.3s, and item power. This creates a situation where the x.3 version can usually do everything the x.2 can do, only better. By removing the passive on the x.3’s I believe this will fix the imbalance and provide more diversity to the game.

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