POE 3.2 Elementalist/Necromancer Witch Builds

WIth the relaseing of 3.2.0 patches and the Bestiary leagues, there would be more and more POE players want to find some suitable builds for their character developing, you know, when you come to my blog, you will easily find a lot of builds, which would be useful and helpful, and this time, I’d like to share some Elementalist/Necromancer Witch Builds.

Within, I’ll share the various builds I have performed (but still play) while highlighting what’s bad or good about the subject and recommend a build for you personally, based on your conditions (varying from beginning the league without a penny for your name on first day to 100 ex-investment, I acquired your back)

Let’s get started!

The very first publish contains pure golem builds. The 2nd contains golem/other summons hybrid builds and also the third publish contains other summoning builds altogether. I’ll connect to each develops the very first published, though.

Pure golem builds

All build share the template:

Bandits: Kill all
Ascendancy: Commander of Darkness > Mistress of Sacrifice > Spirit Eater > 2 minion dmg nodes

The main difference because individuals build that may utilize chaos resistance (e.g lowlife) I favor taking Beacon of Corruption because of the 4th rather from the minion dmg/hp node. It isn’t an impact in either case.

Most builds make use of a flame golem that is a highly debated subject. With regards to the jewel links, this will depend on which kind of chest you use — for instance, is there 1 gems (skin from the loyal) and maybe even 2 (crazy lucky corruption of skin from the loyal) whether it has either, you will need an empower. Another gem? Well, it is a bit tricky (and I am not necessarily someone to perform the math) what I have seen, this is true:

The other two slots have multiple contenders;
Controlled destruction
Elemental Focus
Fire penetration

Or if you’re doing some poison build, get some Chaos first.

There are more available gems which I wouldn’t use personally as an opportunity to ignite, culling strike, slower projectiles


Passive tree at the end: www.poeurl.com/GZe

I might not go this build like a starter due to how weak CI is when compared with life right now. Additionally, they nerfed Heretic’s Veil earlier so you’d need an amount 21/20 blasphemy jewel to obtain the full curse bonus.

Life / MoM

Skill tree: www.poeurl.com/bOqK

The road of creating contains some sample gear, although it may be a concept to make use of 6 golems along with a shield rather of dual clayshapers, if you wish to shield charge and obtain additional defense

[Necromancer] League starter flame golemancer, eventually progressing to CI (no budget at the start)

This character is exactly what I began Breach with and finally performed as much as level 93. Many people think golems aren’t viable whatsoever with no costly jewels, however, they can get the job done and can work adequately. Afterward, whenever you get the jewels, you’ll simply do the information faster.

End game tree: https://goo.gl/65hszx

This build has 11 jewel slots like this, however, you can get the one at the top left of the tree for 12. The jewels are done like this:
1 Primordial Might
1 Anima Stone
1 Energy from within (between witch/shadow)
Rest Primordial Harmony.

[Necromancer] Flame golem lowlife magicfinder (mid-budget)

Passive tree: https://goo.gl/gv1L4x

This build uses the following jewels:

Primordial harmony x4
Primordial might
Anima stone
Energy from within (in the life/es cluster perfect of Witch Start)
Careful planning (towards the far left from the templar area, to obtain more Dex to operate auras)

Because of getting very little stats from gear, we must take lots of notables around the tree as well as operate a jewel converting some int to dex. This build doesn’t get 10k es but instead around 7k with decent gear. Nevertheless, this is perfectly acceptable for most maps because of running defensive curses inside a blasphemy setup, both temporal chains and enfeeble.

This character can run the greater level maps but also for boss fights I suggest swapping the Aesthetic necklace to have an Eye of Chayula/Life of Chayula. Should you play hardcore I’d always employ one of these simple necklaces due to how intolerable getting stunned is.

T16 Phoenix map with MF gear

[Elementalist] Hexagolem CI triple curse [mid-high budget] — Uber Atziri, Shaper

My league ender for Breach. Can certainly do shaper deathless together with hard content, for example, T16 maps. Uses 4 flame golems, 1 ice golem and 1 lightning golem. The support golems are associated with item rarity culling strike, for your extra bonus.

Full tree: www.poeurl.com/btgA

This build uses the following jewels at the moment:
Anima Stone
Primordial Might
Primordial Harmony x10

Further levels I’ll likely work at another jewel slot or get the rest of the ES buffers.

[Necromancer] Flame Golems + SRS chaos/poison scaling (Bobslop special) (high budget)

This build utilizes poison scaling on golems and summon raging spirits together with very effective auras and powerful defense. The build is rather costly and needs lots of uniques to obtain moving.

Passive tree: https://goo.gl/LBz1Xw

We use the following jewels: 
Primordial Might
Anima Stone
Primordial Harmony x3
Energy from Within
Conqueror’s Efficiency (important for auras)

The build includes a wholesomeness of elements slotted but it is only employed for elemental weakness maps. Without them active, we are capable of recast flame golems that is useful for prolonged boss fights where they may die. On maps where we want both extra resist and the opportunity to recast golems we just switch off the blasphemy temporal chains rather.

This build is extremely proficient at clearing maps and very good for many bosses. Hydra is difficult because of being poison immune but minotaur and Phoenix aren’t any real problems. The force within the build is clearing maps quickly though, and it is very enjoyable for yours. Contributing to, you’ve ridiculously strong auras so that you can simply tag along like a support in almost any group too.

[Necromancer] 3 Flame Golems 3 Flame Sentinels + lots of zombies. Lowlife+blood magic. Bow-based

The full tree here: www.poeurl.com/bOqO

Due to using a Bow + Quiver we go Blood Magic since we can’t utilize the Prism Guardian shield for easier auras on life.

[Necromancer] Lowlife aura support zookeeper (10 Zombies, 2 golems, 4 flame sentinels)

Check full tree: https://goo.gl/xLhmmf

Energy from within between witch/shadow
Anima stone — for extra golem (not needed but fun to use)
Rest are rare jewels with Minion damage, minion life, resists energy shield and stats. What’s useful to your build should go here

That’s all the Elementalist/Necromancer builds that I want to share with you, sometimes I believe that Witch is my favorite class in Path of Exile, which will cause huge damage in a short time. BTW, if some of you want to buy currency and orbs for POE 3.2, just go to R4PG, you must know this MMO Game Service supplier, they are reliable and cute.