5 Tips For Resurfacing Your Swimming Pool

If your finish on your pool is falling apart, you’ll need to have it resurfaced before your problems multiply. A summer spent by the pool makes the hot and humid months more bearable. However, this causes the pool’s finish to crack and peel like a bad orange. That is an indicator that you need it resurfaced. Don’t lose your cool, use these resurfacing tips from the professional Pool Resurfacing Newcastle to get your pool out of hot water and peeling like a banana.

1. Ensure Proper Pool Chemistry

Improper maintenance, poor water chemistry and exposure to sunlight all cause the damage to pool finishes. A lot of other pool restoration companies recommend to purchase a test kit to check the chemical levels in the pool, and keeping the detailed logs of the readings. It is paramount to hire a professional when it comes to pool maintenance.

2. Don’t Put Off Pool Repairs

It’s best to take care of the problem as soon as you notice it. Ignoring the damage will only increase expenses as the problems get even bigger and harder to handle. Also, damaged finishes occasionally develop leaks, this then causes erosion problems to decks and other structures due to the leaking water.

3. Choose the Pool Surface You Prefer

Pool industry nowadays no longer favors plaster finishes because they only last 12 to 14 years. The pebble-based cement material is the most popular, but there are other options depending on your budget. Glass-based finishes are around $15 per foot whereas pebble-finish costs around $5 per foot. If you’re really tight on budget you can still resurface your pool with traditional plaster.

4. Pool Patches Don’t Last

When you notice a problem, patching is not an option. If one area of the pool is eradicating, other sections will follow suit. Patching doesn’t always result in a strong bond between the old and new material. That’s when you have to properly resurface the pool.

5. Don’t Assume Long Downtime to Resurface Pool

Pool resurfacing businesses experience a heavy work time in summer, so it’s often a good time to schedule a time with Pool Resurfacing Newcastle for them to do their work. Many homeowners, based on statistics and complaints, incorrectly assume resurfacing takes weeks or even months to complete. The truth is a typical resurfacing takes three to four days to complete.

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