Preparation Before a Move

Allan Ostenfeld
Jul 8, 2019 · 3 min read

Moving from place to place whether it’s across town or all the way to another state is already tiring enough, imagine if you had to do so but with your household following you. This can bring some major meltdowns during the way or even make you go completely nuts before you even move.

To make sure all these stress-inducing matters consume you, planning beforehand can minimize the stress, meltdowns, and exhaustion that you will be facing later on. There will also be a higher chance of everything going smoothly if you were to plan a couple of weeks before.


Imagine The Look & Feel Of Your New Home

The first priority when it comes to moving is to set aside belongings that you don’t use anymore. This will avoid additional expense on bringing those items that once brought to your new home, you’re going to let it collect some dust again. Get motivated to clear the old stuff by picturing what value this old object has in your new home. If it has no value or place, then it is time to let go.

If It’s Collecting Dust, Don’t Move It

Many items in our garages, storage room, attics, and basements sit untouched and having a gathering of dust balls form around it, which raises the question, why haven’t you gotten rid of this yet?

If you can’t remember the time you used it then get rid of it.


Once you’ve fully disposed of belongings you don’t need, any other item that’s worth keeping is to be prepared for packing. Labels will most definitely help.


Let’s get you into the habit of labeling everything. Sure it’s tedious, but it’ll be worth it in the end. You want to avoid a situation where you recently just moved in, and you panic because you can’t find your frying pan. You proceed to have a fit and just empty all those boxes that have your belongings only to find it in the last box of goods that you just unpacked. What do you do then? Get stressed and sleep till tomorrow…

Use a Labeling System

Try color-coding box labels depending on which room the box will go in, and then number each box. Keep a separate record with a list of the contents of each numbered box.

Then when you are unpacking, you can simply check your master list to see which box you need. I’ve used the numbering system for several moves now, and it works like a charm.

Organize Your Cords By Labeling

Ever been in a situation where you just popped your TV to your new home, everything is looking good, feeling great, then you want to watch something nice just to cool off from this arduous journey of moving your belongings to another place, so you try to find the cable for your TV.

As you’re doing that, you find yourself testing each and every one of the cables which you, for some reason, stored in one box and not finding the right one. Minutes later you find yourself in rage and frustration that you just can’t find the cable and you’re tangled by the countless amount of cables as if you were getting attacked by snakes in the jungle, only to find out that the cable was in your backpack and God doesn’t even know why you put a cable in your backpack.

Aside from that very weird example (That happened to me, actually), the moral of the story is, all of that debacle could have been prevented if you had some sticky notes, tags, etc, on each cable. You won’t waste your time dancing with cables if you do so.

If you ever need a removalist in the eastern suburbs, you’ll be glad to know that you have us available for duty. Whether it is packing boxes for your move or just arranging removalists for the big day, you get a free quote. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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