What The Hell is Asbestos?

The word asbestos was actually derived from a Greek word that means “indestructible”. Before we understood the bad health effect that comes with asbestos, the word was associated with the terms strong and resistant. As a material, asbestos is actually resistant to heat, making it a useful and preferred building material in so many buildings.

Asbestos, as a material is made up of strong and durable fibers that are resistant to heat, outside toxins and other chemicals. These fibers are so durable, it is almost impossible to break, which is why it was such a popular material to be used in buildings. Also, when it is mixed with other materials, asbestos could become more durable, which is why it is also used to build ships and cars.

However, after so many decades of using asbestos in residential buildings, scientists began to understand the health risk that comes with asbestos and the use of it was discontinued. Asbestos was definitely the preferred building material in many industries for decades, therefore, it is not surprising to find traces of asbestos in many older buildings. Which is why asbestos removal services still continue to bloom even after the use was discontinued. Here are the most common places asbestos was used in your residential building:

  • Residential insulation: HVAC duct insulation; sprayed-in and blown-in insulation and more.
  • Residential building materials: Ceramic tiles, roofing materials, vinyl flooring, drywall and much more.

Without a manufacturer’s label, it would be almost impossible to detect asbestos in a material. The only way would be to send a sample to a lab to test it out. Asbestos fibers are microscopic thus, it is difficult to be seen, smelled or tasted. Also, there is no instant signs or immediate symptoms of asbestos exposure, therefore, it is easy to inhale asbestos without realizing it.

If you are living in an older residential building or you have older appliances that you believe contains asbestos, it is best to replace them as soon as possible. Trying to fix the issue by yourself may cause the toxins in asbestos to be released in your home, which would increase the health risk of exposure to asbestos. Skip the urge to “do-it-yourself” and call a licensed asbestos removal company like Breath Easy Asbestos Removal. We at Breath Easy Asbestos Removal, provide services such as asbestos removal, asbestos inspection, asbestos decontamination, and asbestos disposal. Call us today at 02 8093 5461 or get in touch online to know more about how we can help with your asbestos issues.

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