Instructions: In the past week I was starting work on my 1st goal which was Blockchain development.

These three tasks need’s to do immediately:

  1. Fixing my PC.
Installing a new window in my PC for better performance.

2. Start learning about blockchain.



Stuff 1: Clearing top floor roof

My top floor roof was full of waste Things. My mother was telling me from 3 to 4 weeks that please try to clear the roof. But at last today I realize my responsibility and try to clean the roof and took my younger brother with me and we started clearing the roof. After an hour we complete our task and my mother appreciating our work.

Picture after cleaning the roof:



My Random Act of Kindness

1. Pay more when someone do a good job.

2. Give a hug when you meet

3. Give a smile to every one

4. Try to help every one

5. Given an unexpected complement

6. Plant a tree

7. Buy a stranger coffee