(Almost) ZigZag Canyon

Afterwork hike to one of the many amazing hikes in Mt Hood territory

There’s something better than hiking, and it’s hiking on a weekday. Days are getting shorter though, so it’s getting harder to get out there and hike after work. Take advantage while it lasts!

We left work earlier than usual yesterday (at 4PM) and headed directly to Mt Hood. This hike starts (and ends, meaning “possible and recommended drink and snack there afterwards”) at the Timberline Lodge and it’s around 2.2 miles to the canyon. Unfortunately, traffic leaving the city and construction in Government Camp put us way behind schedule and we couldn’t make it to the canyon for just half a mile! It was so close. We didn’t do it because it was already pretty dark and it would have been kind of a waste of time.

Anyhow, as it happens with most hikes in Mt Hood territory, the scenery was amazing and the sunset didn’t disappoint (again). This week has been full of crazy sunsets!

I will have a short vlog about this hike, but for now, here are some photos.