Homelessness is something that shocked me when I first came to Portland. It makes no differences: I’ve seen almost everything from young white teenagers to old black ladies.

It even seems to be a lifestyle decision for some people.

there’s a saying on the street: You have to be stupid to starve in Portland, […] if you sit down on any sidewalk, eventually someone will bring you a meal
- Lewis Davis, homeless man in his mid-40s

The man in the photo is Mike, someone who has been around forever, and someone whom almost everyone has seen before. He always wears a blanket, something that reminded me of Julius, another homeless man from Coruña (where I lived before moving here). A german guy who for some reason wandered the streets of the city for more than 5 years rejecting all kind of help.

Both seem to share a really good reputation — and mental problems of course. Julius died last year; let’s hope Mike will be around a little longer.

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