Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, CA

Two-week road trip to California, part II: Point Reyes, Mt Tam and Big Sur

The “long awaited” second part of this series is finally here! If you remember, Yosemite was our first stop and now we head towards the coast.

We also met some family in Sonoma and San Francisco, which is why we didn’t have too much time in some of these locations.

Locations we visited. From top to bottom: Point Reyes, Mt Tam and Big Sur.

Point Reyes

We drove all the way from Yosemite to Point Reyes, it was a long day on the road. And trust me, Californian drivers are crazy compared to their fellow Oregonian drivers. I mean, they are as bad but they drive much, much faster. And unfortunately, it showed: we saw way too many accidents while driving there.

Anyway, our visit to Point Reyes was very brief. We stopped by the Cypress Tree Tunnel and then quickly continued towards the lighthouse. The light was just ok for such a nice day, but we got to enjoy the place.

Don’t let the map trick you. Point Reyes is a big place and the road is not the best, so it will take you time to drive the whole thing.

It’s a pretty popular spot though, and it was packed with cars and people everywhere.

It was really nice to experience a sunset like this after weeks of darkness in Oregon :)
Cypress Tree Tunnel

Mt Tam

Next morning and before joining the family reunion, we decided to hike Mt Tam in hopes of getting a good view of the fog rolling in (like this one). Turns out, that happens in the summer, so Christmas was not the best time to get some fog shots.

The view was stunning anyway, and the sunrise beautiful. Be warned though, the park doesn’t open until 7am so you might miss an early sunrise. Also, the cool road (Ridgecrest) doesn’t open until 9am if I remember correctly. So not a good place for early birds, maybe better to visit for sunset.

On the right, you kind of can see San Francisco.
Mt Tam

Big Sur

After a couple of days relaxing in Sonoma, and after a 2 hour visit to the city, we started the second half of our road trip and headed south. Our next destination: Big Sur.

Big Sur is an accurate name, the place is big (and it’s south of SF I guess). There are plenty of trails but we had just one evening and one morning there, so no time for hiking. The coastline there is stunning, but be prepared to have company: hundreds of cars parked on the shoulders, people flying drones using FPV goggles, people taking photos with large format cameras, exotic cars and thousands of selfie sticks. A true show.

(Just a friendly reminder: if you want to see an equally -if not more- beautiful coastline, just drive from Bandon to Brookings in Oregon. Nature was very generous over there, and you won’t find even a tenth of the people)

We photographed the Bixby Bridge and a cool lighthouse on top of a rock. Next day and after spending the night at the beautiful Kirk Creek Campground, we visited the omnipresent McWay Falls. We went there very early in the morning so we didn’t find too many people.

Another good sunset!

Next up: the Sierras

In the next part of this series, we visit the Eastern Sierras. Without a doubt, the best place of the road trip and probably the most beautiful I’ve been to in the States.

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