Moon rising behind Mt Hood, also a plane on its way to Portland :)

Shooting Film — Moonrise

Last week, out of ideas of where to go or what to shoot, I remembered the moon would be full soon. I had only shot the moon a few times before, so I thought it could be a cool thing to try to capture on film.

I started playing with the app Sun Surveyor (it’s a bit expensive, but absolutely worth it — available for both Android and iOS) trying to find a good spot. I soon realized Larch Mountain (yes, again) would be the perfect place! The moon would be rising behind or pretty close to Mt Hood. It would also be happening right after sunset so there wouldn’t be a huge contrast between the bright moon and the darker landscape.

I was expecting some people up there, but not the huge crowd we actually found. Word was out! The main viewpoint taken by dozens of people, I had to go around it and sit on the cliff, a spot I had been to before and that turned out to be the best I could ask for! No one around, and I got a prime view of the moonrise.

The moonrise itself beat my wildest expectations, I tried to record videos as much as I could but my main focus was on photographing the event. I think the photos turned out good, although it’s pretty clear I could have exposed them better (also, my film has been showing water spots lately, so I’ll have to work on that too).

I used both the 150mm f4 and 250mm f5.6 Zenzanon lenses, and HP5 Plus 400 pushed to 1600. Hope you enjoy them and the video.