Productivity Tips for Techies

How to perform at your peak with the help of mobile apps

Energy, not time, is the fundamental source of efficiency and high performance.

(1) Recovery is an integral part of sustaining high levels of energy and thus high performance. Have a life-sustaining rhythm and disengage at regular intervals i.e. rest every 90 to 120 minutes — use apps to help remind you to take a break.

(2) Drink enough water — use apps to track hydration and water drinking.

(3) Take optimum amount of sleep — use apps for sleep tracking.

(4) Work out regularly, and incorporate small exercises into your everyday lives — apps to track your workouts (gym, or home exercises).

(5) Eat healthy foods that maximise your energy capacity — use apps to help you eat healthy food and lose weight.

(6) Do an activity that you find fulfilling and captivating and helps you to relax — use apps to discover new hobbies and learn them. Figure out an emotional renewal strategy: any activity that you find fulfilling and captivating and helps you to relax.

(7) Build new habits — use apps for habit tracking. Train your rituals by carefully pushing beyond your comfort zones: start by building rituals in increments, focusing on one lifestyle change at a time, and then build upon that improvement with new rituals.

(8) Face the truth about yourself and accept your limitations that will increase your positive energy. If you identify a performance barrier, then admit it so that you can figure out how to overcome it — use apps for self-improvement to make you smarter, stronger, and happier.

(9) Ask yourself what matters most to you and create a vision statement to have a clear way of knowing whether your actions are congruent with your values — discover your personal core values. Connect to your deepest values to fuel the energy that will give your life a purpose.

(10) Find a source of motivation beyond your self-interest, i.e., a purpose in life that helps us to act positively, and balances your guiding purpose — use apps for spirituality, meditation, wellness and positive thinking.

(11) Find a positive and intrinsically motivating purpose. A sense of purpose is the motivation behind our engagement and commitment to what we do.

(12) Unlock your creative potential by giving both hemispheres a workout. Train your mental energy to stay focused and creative at the same time — use apps to train your brain and mental health.

(13) Find ways to focus most efficiently on your work — use time-management apps to avoid procrastination (i.e. Pomodoro technique).

(14) Adopt realistic optimism i.e. viewing the world “as it is” while simultaneously working positively toward your desired outcome. Always be honest, trustable and best of yourself.


In order to perform at our peak and feel our very best, we must maximise each of these energy levels;

  • physical energy — that is required to move or think.
  • emotional flexibility — that allows us to demonstrate a wide range of emotions appropriate to a given situation rather than responding with rigidity.
  • mental endurance — that keeps us focused and concentrated over time.
  • spiritual strength — that helps us stay connected to our deepest values, which act as our life’s compass.

(based on the The Power of Full Engagement book)


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