The Precious Laila

We all have moments in our lives that shape us and make us into the people we are. Some are small events like a conversation with a friend or a stranger. Some are large, major events like our wedding day, a loved one passing away, or a child being born. I have had both types of moments in my life, and I can say that I need these events in my life to keep me progressing forward as a person.

I recently became a father. As I write this sentence I became a father 109 days 19 hours 43 minutes and 31 seconds ago. I can say with confidence that these past 109, almost 110, days have been nothing short of life changing. I can’t adequately describe what happens to a man when he become a parent. It is a feeling that gives joy, hope, fulfillment, and even more purpose for life. Being a father is something I have wanted for a long time in my life, and I never truly understood what it would be like until that day. On October 24 at 5:37 pm my daughter, Laila, was born, and she changed my life. I haven’t been a father that long, but I have learned some things in these last 109 days. I want to share them with you whether you are striving to be a better parent or wanting to be a great parent when you have your first child.


I have been a dad for almost 110 days, and I still can’t believe I have been a dad that long. It fills like yesterday I was pulling up to the hospital at 4:30 in the morning with Cara to prepare to deliver our child. Make every day count with your kids. Love them, talk to them, spend quality time with them. Don’t just be in the room with them. Interact with them. My daughter doesn't talk, doesn't tell me about her day yet, but she will. I want her to want to. And she will want to more when she knows her father cares and wants to know. Find ways every day to be present in the life of your child because it will go by faster than you want. Cherish you kids and the privilege you get to be a parent.


You know what will test your patience- a crying baby. Whether in the middle of the night or for reasons you can’t quite figure out a crying baby tests patience. I think of myself as a patient person, but I have learned to have even more patience having a new baby. I know my patience will come in handy as Laila continues to get older. Have patience with your kids. If you don’t, you will regret your actions and your missed opportunities to love them well. When we display patience with our children we display love, and that is what we want as parents. We want to show love.


Kids are fun. If you are a parent you understand that. I love to see my daughter smile. I have spent a lot of time playing music with my daugther while holding her in my arms and dancing with her. She loves it. As she get’s older, we will do more and more stuff together that will be fun. We will play hide and seek. We will play sports. I’m sure I will even one day play dolls with her. We will have fun. When parents have fun with their children, they make memories that will forever be in their hearts. I have lots of memories of having fun with my parents. I want the same for my daughter. Don’t be lame; have fun. Be a kid with your kids.


I love Jesus. I do. My life is about living for him. I want my daughter to experience what I have experienced with Jesus. Because of this passion, I’m devoting my life as her father to teach her about my Savior. I hope one day she makes her own decision to follow him as her mother and I have. I will teach her about Jesus and about my favorite Bible stories. I will share the passages of the Bible that have shaped me into the person I am. I hope everyone reading this understands the importance of their kids knowing Jesus. That is most important.

Not only do I plan to teach Laila about Jesus, I plan to teach here all sorts of other things. How to ride a bike. How to spell her name. How to apply for a job. How to throw a disc golf disc. How to shoot a basketball. Teach your kids; it shows them you care.

Be a parent that loves your kids. Cherish them every day. Teach them about Jesus, and have a ton of fun with them.

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