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🍌 What exactly is AP3.town?

AP3.town is an economic experiment that employs Frictionless Yield Generation and AP3’s unique strategies to create an environment conducive to token value growth, where circulating supply provides all rewards.
This eliminates the need to mint or add new tokens to circulation. Instead, the token’s value will rise over time, and the token supply will end up in the hands of the alpha apes — strong AP3 holders.

🍌 What does “Frictionless Yield Generation” mean?

This means that holders doesn’t have to stake their tokens or wait for rewards to be delivered. To begin earning rewards, simply purchase tokens and keep them in your wallet. All rewards are delivered directly to your AP3 address after each TX.

🍌 What about unique AP3.town strategies?

AP3 smart contract alter the seller-buyer balance and gives the latter a significant advantage. Developed with the intention of punishing traitors while rewarding new Apes joining the tribe, and already belonging to the tribe Alphas.

🍌 How does it work?

It’s pretty simple — the appropriate tax for each type of transaction is immediately reflected across all token holder balances, resulting in a steady, frictionless yield.

4% tax is applied to every token transfer, reflected as below:

  • 1% goes to AP3 holders
  • 1% goes to LP farmers
  • 1% is burned
  • 1% team

Additional 4% tax is applied to sell-side transactions (8% in total):

  • 1% goes to AP3 Vault
  • 1% goes to AP3 holders
  • 2% goes to LP farmers

🍌 What exactly is the AP3 Vault that you mentioned?

It’s a vault where 1% of all sell-side transactions are sent and stored. The only way to withdraw funds from the vault is to purchase AP3 tokens on the market. To receive 10% of the stored funds, simply purchase at least 100 AP3 tokens. The percentages increase up to 1,600 AP3 tokens purchased, with the buyer receiving up to 80% of the vault’s treasury. As a result, if you purchase 100 to 1,600 AP3 tokens, you will receive between 10% and 80% of the funds stored in the vault.

🍌 What about Gorilla Mode?

This is the most important aspect of the project that will affect the token price and deflation; we’d love to share it, but we don’t want to reveal all of the cards at the start.
Everything will become clear to you in due course.

Stay tuned AP3s! 🐒

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AP3.town is an economic experiment that employs Frictionless Yield Generation and AP3's unique strategies.

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