Derek Fisher

I went to high school with Matt Barnes. I absolutely despise that entitled scumbag. Whenever I hear about his divorce or some problem in his life in the media, it makes me really happy. I didn’t hear about this situation until I stumbled across this article (with Matt Barnes’ name in the title, how could I NOT click it?). Even unintentional as it may be, thank you for making my day a little better by making that punk ass’s day a little worse.

I’m not going to pretend he’s bad at what he does. He’s a damn good basketball player, and he was a good football player in HS, too. However, he doesn’t deserve to be where he’s at today. His hopes and dreams should have been shattered when he (repeatedly) got in fights, jumping people, with his jock boys like anyone else. The school administrators turned it around to say he was jumped in order to not shatter his dreams of being an alumni-success from that school. He should have been expelled on the first occurrence. Not to mention, when a fight wasn’t witnessed by staff, it’s a he-said-she-said situation and they have to take disciplinary action against both parties. Except Matt Barnes.

He walked around that place like the cock of the walk and belittled everyone he could (literally and figuratively - he was like a skyscraper in HS!)

So with that said…. F*** Barnes!

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