Etihad Airways, ‘’How Do You Close Check-In’’, By Mouth Or By Nose?

Earlier this week, I shared with you my experience with Etihad Airways on my flight back from Johannesburg here. While I made efforts to share my story on twitter, the Airline reached out and asked me to file a formal complaint which I did by sending an email.

See below my email and the customer service response:

Seriously speaking Etihad Airways thinks the people that fly their Economy class are all dumb and fools. Look closely at the 2nd paragraph of their response to see how maligned this staff based at the Manchester office is. ‘‘He said the OR Tambo Airport manager said they could not admit me to the flight because I was late’’.

Now wait, how did the manager knew that I was late from his office? If the counter staffs briefed the manager, how did they themselves know who is late and who is not? What is the Check-in procedure, How do you close check-in?

These are the questions the guy that wrote me would have asked. You don’t expect the manager to say, that I was early anyway. Infact this issue is not about being early or being late. Since there is no way of knowing who is early or who is late when there is a queue — its hard to tell. They turned me away not because I was late but because the flight was full…I was the last person on the queue and I was made the fall guy.

To check-in how do you do it? Walk around shouting that check-in is closed, shutdown the computer and go home, turn people in the queue back, Their must be an answer or maybe an angry manager decides he doesn’t want to see black face for that day.

Please kindly help me get this answer from Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways how do you close check-in? Help me compel Etihad Airways to share their check-in procedures and how the manager knew who was late.



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