ROBLOX has a vast amount of games, ranging from simple tycoons, to complicated role playing games. Though, some amazing games, aren’t getting as much recognition as it should, or have it’s recognition dying, when it’s supposed to be the opposite. Here are 5 games on ROBLOX that aren’t noticed enough. You should check all of them out!

5. Survival 303 by Davidii2

Survival 303 is a survival game, where you gather materials, and craft items to survive. The game actually isn’t made by one person, but a team of developers. It had it’s recognition dying after 2013, yet it still got some large, and great updates. It still has 10~50 people playing it nowadays, though.

4. ROBLOX Titanic HD by Virtual Valley Games

In ROBLOX Titanic HD, players have to survive a sinking ship. The events are based off of the Titanic sinking in 1912. The game is absolutely amazing, and it still looks good and smooth with people with potato computers. The game does have a decent amount of players, but this is so amazing that it truly deserves a whole lot more, because the game is just simply one of the most detailed games I have ever seen. It is basically a showcase, but with great gameplay.

3. Risky Strats by White Collar Games

Risky Strats had it’s blast of popularity back in early 2015, and many people played it. But the game has lost a lot of recognition, and it has been transferred to another slot. It has gotten some updates, but now only a couple have discovered the game as a new one. It deserves way more as it is, addicting, fun, and definitely something you don’t want to play if you don’t want to be sucked up on to your computer by how fun it is screen and be in frustration from losing.

2. ROBLOX Crash Course by Simoon68

ROBLOX Crash Course is based off Doritos Crash Course, which is an arcade game. It got really popular in the middle of 2015, but now it only has around 10~30 people playing it at the same time, even though it’s like, AWESOME… and frustrating when you ALMOST COME FIRST!

1. Demented Defense by Team Demented

This was arguably one of the most hyped games, but once it got released, it only got 50~100 people playing once on the time it got released? What?!? You might be going like, “what the heck. Demented Defense is already super well known”. But once you look at the statistics, it doesn’t really have much as it deserves. As I am writing this, there is only 3 people playing at once, and that includes all the people in the universes, not the lobby! The game is super mega detailed, fun, and filled with lots of action as you progress. It has been getting lots and lots of updates, yet it only has 267K+ place visits ever since February… what? Seriously though, this game is mega awesome, and just doesn’t has as much people playing it as it deserves.

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