andréa paige (andi X)
2 min readFeb 26, 2019

Paris is crumbling. Milan’s stale. Brussels has long-since sprouted.

Amsterdam’s pouty and Barcelona’s broke.

Berlin hop-scotches towards salvation, but remembers its scars and stumbles.

Europe is falling, and there’s no catching up.

A 3 trillion AI plan won’t save Iberian lazy days

or clear Grecian bankrupted haze.

This continent has surely seen its time.

Stolen its dime and spent its sublime.

With the Asian tigers maturing to a point of pounce,

there is no backing down.

Cities high-tech and more infrastructure on deck,

the east will win.

Not that this is a race,

but the ending in fate,

will hold up its date.

Europe’s proven multiculturally racist.

Past fascist, now long faces.

The promised land: concrete jungle sands.

Europe’s finest. Slowest and grimiest.

Haughty as can be. Glass of wine for you and three for me.

Ignoring the world’s real problems. Growing wider upon their bottoms.

Occupied with expensive art while the world falls apart.

Blinded by the false.

Drenched in schmaltz.

Sipping from the World Cup won’t make your future look up.

Antiquitious architecture, bulldozer of truth.

Coming soon to a Roman theatre near you.

The West will wail when the East has won.

Taking back our sail: land of the rising sun.

Those caught in between, tied score it seems, are the middle schoolers: pubescent youth gone amuck.

Canadiense, Americanos, aussies and kiwis too.

Having colonized, development fried, leaving space for future tech to rise.

Tesla, Los Angeles and the womb of the sharing economy,

the American soil won’t implode just yet.

The Eiffel Tower’s just a steel frame building, midgeted by the JinMao.

Europe won’t be able to climb out of its bucket-high trouw.

When I see an Asian kid in Paris, Mickey Mouse on his chemise.

“North America” declares his hat, and his future is already spat.

He will win, you see.

He’s taken the best from each teacher: from you and from me.

The Asians didn’t assimilate.

Stayed native, held captive community, sublimate.

Hip hop hypocrisy.

Darkened democracy.

Best of both worlds.

They’ll dawn their swords.

So which will lead?

The Chinese or the Korean steads?

Good thing they (kind of) get along.

Because they will indeed dominate before too long.

And where are the losers of last century left in this sanctuary?

The Russians and the South Americans?

The Africants and the Mexicans?

What will wash up upon Brazilian sands?

Time will tell, who they follow and when.

Perhaps they’ll stay in stalemate and become Asian prodigious hens.

But what I can tell you, from the purview of now,

is that the tides have changed out on the ocean floor

and this tech-tonic shift will send in a tsunami once more.



andréa paige (andi X)

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