Most Impactful Virtue
Sowmya Gopal

From CM Washington Study group —

Mamta Pandya

Sincerity — Be who you are, is the virtue that allows us to freely express ourselves to others without any hesitation. It allows us to be who we are in a natural way. If we are sincere, we don’t seek to create a false image of ourselves to others. We can act, think, and feel freely, without compromising who we are.

Person believing in sincerity needs to work on virtue of acceptance at the same time, one cannot exists without second one.

Live in the Truth; be sincere with yourself and others.

Aruna Punya

Putting yourself in others shoes — if someone is angry, hurt or sad about anything in their day, they might end up showing it on something or someone else. Do not take this personally. They probably need to let it out and we may be the sounding board.

Mani Lanka

Acceptance — The virtue of Accepting others as they are .. this will help us to not have undue expectations of others. By accepting others as they are, we become more tolerant by not judging them and will not try to change them to suit our expectations.

Anu Pajjur

Tolerance — Having tolerance for those around us who may think and act differently will make a big difference. This is another way of saying “Be accepting and forgive”. This will help us respond to a situation calmly instead of reacting. Intolerance goes against our goal of feeling oneness. Having tolerance and acceptance allows us to forgive. Not doing so makes our mind preoccupied, and not available for sadhana.

Anitha Radhakrishnan


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