I am as vehemently agnostic as you are, but I have heard a convincing answer to your question.
Harsha Devaraj

I second your view there Harsha Devaraj

My parents are devotedly pious, specially my father. I turned atheist a few years ago. Still, they believe it is a phase that I shall grow out of and I shall see the light of the day. About that, I doubt it. They have not accepted me as an atheist yet, but I have accepted them as religious. I cannot do anything to change that. It gives them hope of the things out of human control as they say, for example, providence, coincidence, destiny, que sera sera etc.

Yes, all of that interests me. But a superior being looking over us? I deny the existence of their thousands of gods.

Yes I am ignorant about the scriptures to be finding faults in the deities. I would read them, but purely as fiction, all physical evidences an attempt to prove that fiction.

A matter of faith.

But yes, I cannot ridicule them. No not because I wouldn’t dare as they are my parents. I dont think it is imperative that I look down at a theist because our opinions vary.

We can debate, call the bluff, reason but we cannot denigrate one another.

Although in my experience with people who are theists, they seem more eager to put me down or ignore my views altogether than I do theirs.

But that just might be me.

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