Flowers the best gift for any occasion

Gifts and flowers are synonymous and symbolize everlasting relationship and love. Be it a milestone anniversary or a birthday or any major event in one’s life; flowers have proven to be the best gift to give anytime of the year. The sweet fragrance of most of the flowers along with the choicest of gifts makes for the perfect surprise for your beloved. There are flowers for every occasion and each type of flower conveys a very beautiful yet strong meaning. Let us have a look at some flowers and their meaning, making it even more meaningful to give.

  1. Roses: Forever beautiful and probably the most cherished flower variety; roses of any colour are considered a welcome gift by everyone. They not only signify purity and love but also infuse a sense of admiration and beauty in our lives. Available in many colors, roses can be a perfect gift your beloved.

2. Carnations: Their beautiful wavy petals and rich colours make a bouquet even more beautiful and meaningful. They represent gratitude, flashy and flamboyant, cheerful nature; they are beautiful to be gifted to a close friend or beloved.

3. Chrysanthemums: Their beauty and fullness reflects that of a mother and hence it also refers to joy, love and friendship.

4. Gerbera daisies: Their large blooms and beautiful colours add life to any bouquet, making it complete. You can enjoy cheerful sentiments emitting from these gorgeous flowers for a long time.

5. Gladioluses: These tall and colourful beauties are not only eye catching but are a perfect gift for your beloved telling them how beautiful they make your own home. They represent strength, honour and infatuation.

6. Orchids: Their exquisite appearance makes it a perfect gift for your beloved as they mean delicate and rare beauty; goes perfectly with your loved one.

7. Tulips: Their shape and structure represent elegance and grace and prove to be a beautiful gift for your loved one.

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