Storifying Branded Content


Stories allow us to live vicariously. Stories show us worlds we do not know much about. Stories hold our hand as we consider unfamiliar ideas. Stories are a soft landing. You got to read a story at least once before you can declare it illegal or immoral! And in that one reading, maybe you find yourself converted.

These are all the entry points a brand might look for in a communication. A soft landing, hand-holding, converts.

Here’s a list of some attributes of a fiction piece that can be borrowed to present an empathetic, easy to digest branded story construct. They are not tenets, but will act as guard-rails:

  1. The Plot: What are we discussing today?
  2. The Initial Problem: A seemingly unsurmountable situation; or one that piques curiosity at the very least.
  3. The Red Herring: What seems like a clue, but No, that was too easy.
  4. The Moral Dilemma: Is the route we are taking good for us? Does it fit our framework. This is where we labour away bringing in the concept of change — a new process, a new approach — we discuss the pros and cons threadbare. We can have a meltdown for the audience, even.
  5. The Revelation: The ‘Aha’! We finally found our groove! We are grooving! We are practically tap dancing in the flow of having found the solution which we now proceed to tell the audience.
  6. The Resolution: We tie it up. We end the journey for the audience. We round-up what we understood. The audience gets a goody bag with a takeaway.