Will Virtual Reality steal the show in 2017?

“Wow, this is so cool and immersive!”, was the reaction I had when I first experienced new-age Virtual Reality. I’m sure that thousands of others have had a similar reaction, when they tried out any of the VR devices out there for the first time. 2017 is an exciting time for VR enthusiasts and advocates, owing to Google DayDream, Samsung VR, PS-VR, an advanced Oculus, HTC Vive, to just name a few of the VR devices available. Virtual Reality was re-invented a few years ago, and it has seen some ups and downs, but I strongly believe that VR is here to stay this year.

All the major smartphone contenders have realized the potential that VR has, and with a Mobility-first driven world, we have been seeing some growth in the Mobile-VR space since last year. Google launched DayDream along with its Pixel release in 2016. Samsung has been promoting its Gear VR, and a lot of developers have caught wind of this, and are busy exploring the opportunities for the virtual world in reality. Apple has also taken a dive into the pool, and is heavily investing on its VR and AR divisions, leading to some rigorous development in this space. These are only some of the updates that the Mobile world has seen recently.

Gaming companies are the most delighted lot for the growth of VR. Gamers are already dreaming of playing their favorite games in VR, be it on the PlayStation-VR, or Oculus, or HTC Vive. Nintendo has also been dabbling around with introducing VR, and have filed a patent for their VR Switch technology. Earlier, the Xbox Controller and the keyboard were being used to control the games. However, the companies have realized that a user-friendly controller is necessary for a seamless experience, and there are many variations that are arising in the market currently.

A major challenge in the introduction of a new platform such as VR, is the variety in the things one can do with it. Developers are experimenting in these spaces, and have successfully released a few games. With all the hype, developers are also getting better at creating immersive experiences in various fields apart from gaming, such as education, real estate and so on.

With these developments in the VR space, I believe that Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 in 2017 should see a lot more products and releases in the VR space. Being a VR believer myself, I am keenly waiting for enhancements in the VR space. It’s definitely something to watch out for, given the potential of its applications in various fields.