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In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to implement a UI skeleton pre-loader in your angular 6 app to improve your perceived performance while your application loads.

Why UI Skeletons?

UI Skeletons are a tasteful way to tell your user that yes, something is happening, so be patient. We’ve seen them used on popular platforms such as Slack, Facebook and LinkedIn:

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slack UI skeleton

Oh boy, you guys are terrible.

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Portland driver on 84 (recolored)

Hey everyone, it’s time to have a real talk. We made it through winter, we’re safe now. The mean old snow can’t hurt you anymore.

I know, it’s an old joke, “oh you think you have bad drivers? Wait till you drive in my city!”. I get it, there are awful drivers everywhere. You get your fair share of people who have no business on the road in every city.

I’ve been driving in Portland for about three years now and having driven in roughly one third of the United States, I have to say you all are simply the worst goddamned drivers I have ever seen. …

As a life-long developer, I’ve had my fair share of code errors and tragic “improvements” come across my desk. But as a functioning member of this global community of masochists. I would like to share my tried and true method to dealing with these requests in the healthiest way possible.

1. Denial & Isolation

I get that we want to write great code all the time. But in a world with non-developers and people using IE 9, that is not a reality. When you get a bug report from a client or PM the first step should always be to delete your JIRA account, sign out of slack and tell yourself that this isn’t happening. …


Drew Parroccini

I’m a Senior Software Engineer in Portland, OR. I like to talk about front end development. —

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