We hacked together an app to listen to music with friends. Then it blew up.
Abhinav Chhikara

Dude, I had made a set of wireframes for exact similar concept, a couple of years ago… I’ll share you my problem statement with you…

So when I was in college, I was part of a dance crew called synergy, we used to practice in a building called SAC (student activity centre). the dance crew was on the first floor and music band was on the ground floor. So when we used to put up the volume, people on the ground floor used to get disturbed and viceversa. So I had come up with an Idea that we use an app that will sync all our earphones/headphones so that we can practice in dead silence… at that time there were no such app..

There are also times when we wanted to practice in open fields or basketball fields — coz our crew is too big and we wanted to try out group formations… so in those practice sessions, getting enough sound from the laptop (no speakers since there were no power source) — Solution was same — sync up the earphones.

I failed to manage to get a team together to develop the app, but am really really happy to see you guys developed this !!

I’ve come across your profile several times — from neelank sachan’s fb post and from UX design india publication in medium… never quite paid attention to the product … now finally I went through this article and I must say… I feel super excited about the product. I would love to see this expand into multi user platform and working offline over wifi..