World Needs Consumer Experience Designers

I believe a package design fails, if I need to search for ‘Manufacturing date’ and ‘Best before date’ on all the 6 surfaces of your packet, Scan through the texts printed at 6pt font size and then do all the maths to know whether the product has expired or not?

Just tell me, this product expires on 30th November 2016 instead of manufactured on June 2016, and best before 6 months.

In my 23 years of life, everything I have ever read on any packet are:
Name and Flavor
Veg or Non Veg
Expiry Date
How to use

I don’t consider it to be an easy task to get the design right considering:
The Space Limitation
Content Size
Constraint of Scaling across all products and packet size

But there have been similar complexities in the digital world that have been well countered by the practice of user centric design.

We have user experience designers for digital products and they are doing a damn good job making our lives easy but we need them for consumer goods as well, may be we can call them ‘consumer experience designers.’

When we are talking about things like Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Chatbots, etc, Consumer Experience Design surely sounds less important, but like the term Web Designer has evolved into User Experience Designer in the past few years, we can expect the term Package Designer to evolve into Consumer Experience Designer, marking the entry of information design in consumer goods space.

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