Open letter to the residents of Jersey City!

Dear Neighbors,

Hope all is well.. first of all congrats!

I’ve been wanting to write this note for a long time.

If you have bumped into a group of crazy people handing out flyers to you to invite you for a *free” meditation session or the happiness program, in and around Newport mall, Exchange place, Grove Street Path Station(P.S- They are there all the time, come rain, snow, storm, wind-hard to miss) and you have been amazed, amused or wondered- what pushes them and Who Are They, then read on their story!

They are very much someone in your neighborhood with decent full time day jobs. Most of them are engineers, students, bankers, analysts, nurses, etc. They come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Yet there is one common thread among them, apart from their infectious energy and smiles.

They are Volunteers of the ‘BeHappyJerseyCity’ project. Do they get paid to do this? Yes! They Do…in Kind! The pay is satisfaction, contentment, love, joy, bliss and much much more! What drives them to come out of comfort zones and take time out of their busy lives to ‘flyer’?

It is this strong urge to connect the community and make a difference..To bring a smile in every face..and the smile they talk about is of a stronger kind, that circumstances cannot take away from you.. The only objective is to light up the world around them.

Sometimes they are judged and other times doubted or asked to leave by authorities, yet these volunteers keep at it! Why? Because they have experienced something that has fundamentally changed their life and now they want to share this experience…this deep seated joy. Someone else handed them a flyer, that changed everything about their life and all they want to do is to return the favor back in the most meaningful way. Its like when you watch a great movie, you cannot wait to tell your friends about it right? What they have felt is far more profound.

So what exactly are they inviting you to?

They are inviting you or i would say they are giving you a precious opportunity to learn ”Sudarshan Kriya

It is scientifically proven now that sudarshan kriya has amazing health benefits and enhances your well being(You can find tonnes of research online and that will still only be the tip of the iceberg). But what else does that do?

Beyond the tangible health benefits, It helps you get in touch with your inner self. You may have heard preachers and evangelists in all religions say that you are peace and you are joy and you are happiness, but those words seldom become your very experience.

Happiness Program is your opportunity to really ‘experience’ these words and phrases.

Wouldn't you like to have a happiness that is fool proof? A kind of happiness that is unshakeable no matter what circumstances you are in be it crowded trains, negative co workers, relationship hassles, restlessness or may be you are in a quest for sustainable peace..This is the Place to Be..come join us on the next Happiness Program starting 26th February ☺)

P.S- The outcome of doing this program is disastrous! EVERYONE around you will notice the peace and happiness in you..they will notice that you are unperturbed in stressful situations and you are smiling a lot ready to answer this question repeaaatedly, ‘ What Is Up With You? What have you been doing?’

Not convinced ? — Try us out for free!

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